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Monday, April 2, 2018

Fantastic day at a Mexico National Park!

It's Semana Santa (Easter Week) and it's the weekend. A lot of Mexicans head to the beach during Semana Santa, but that doesn't leave the mountain spots untouched, and such is the way it is here at Sierra de Organos National Park.

There aren't a lot of camping spots here, and it's pretty busy. We had music well into the night, but that's the way it is in Mexico so we expected it. But they are friendly people, just having fun with their friends and families and we have no problem with that.

We took off for a short hike after breakfast and managed to get in 3.5 kms (2.2 miles) just to check things out. We then came back to Sherman and packed a picnic lunch so that we could go out on a longer hike. Here are some pics from our first excursion...

You can see Kenny and Gail's motorhome.

I mentioned in the last blog post that the camping area is a bit tight for motorhomes, and it is. I mean really, it's not designed for RVs it's designed for tent camping which is what most Mexicans do. We had hiked over towards what we figured was the day use area, and it was already starting to get pretty busy. Although there would have been more room for us there, we think they purposely prevented us from parking there because they knew it would be really busy Saturday and Sunday with day use people... and it was!

I think if it had been mid week, and very quiet they would have let us park wherever we wanted, within reason.

Anyhow, we continued on to the viewpoint loop. As we were near the starting point, we bumped into James and Karen. They were all excited because they had just crossed paths with a rattle snake! The park wardens had warned us to be on the lookout, and sure enough Karen had just about stepped on one. She had let out a screech and James had been just in front of her. Apparently it was only about two feet long but it had reared up and the rattler was rattling!

Fantastic park, with fantastic views.

 The trail was well marked.

 An uphill section.

Hey, there's me!

Did I mention it was a beautiful day?

Ruth, at an informational sign.

The viewpoint.

The trail led to a viewpoint, but the hike itself was really the highlight. The viewpoint was just okay. But, we did manage to get a cell signal from that viewpoint, and that's where I posted a blog update from!

We love this kind of stuff!

On the way back around, we came to what they call la copa... the cup. From various viewpoints, it looks like various things. The most prominent from a certain angle, is ET!

 Ruth, looking up at la copa.

From this angle... it's ET!

There is another trail here, marked as difficult, that on the map says you require a guide to do it. Of course we were intrigued by that and we asked one of the rangers, but he said it was 400 pesos for a guide. That sounded a little ridiculous to us and we said that it was too expensive.

No worries. As it was we had done 3.5 kms after breakfast, and another 6.5 kms on this trail. So, 11 kms (7 miles) total is not a bad day. We needed the exercise!

We relaxed for the afternoon. I tried having a nap, but didn't manage much more than a snooze. Afterwards, we spoke to some of the other people camping here. There was a guy from Texas, Jorge who works for an American company down here in Mexico. Married to a girl from the town near here. Everybody is so friendly. Even the people working here at the park. So friendly and helpful. There was a police van that came by, and the cops got out and welcomed us to the park and said that if we needed anything at all, just ask.

For happy hour, we went down to Kenny and Gail's, along with James and Karen and reminisced a bit about our last three months together.

We've got a one hour time change happening overnight tonight as Mexico recognizes daylight savings time. And, an early start one way or the other as we want to make it to Saltillo on Sunday, and Laredo on Monday.

Stay tuned for another update this afternoon as we get caught up from our two days without internet!

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  1. Beautiful park but no one on the trail except Kevin and Ruth. As I read this blog, I know you are in Texas now.

    1. It is a beautiful park! For the most part there weren't a lot of people out on the trail but there certainly were a lot of people in the park having a wonder time with their families.

      Actually when we read your comment we were still in Mexico on the toll road between Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. :-)

  2. I love the scenery, great pictures. Thankfully the rattle snake gave fair warning...

    1. We loved the scenery there as well. It was fantastic. :-)

      Yep, it is nice when a rattlesnake warns you!

  3. Beautiful country, looks like right out of a Western movie! I guess the snakes are coming out of hibernation. In all our years exploring Mexico, we have never seen one.

    1. Actually quite a few western movies were filmed here. The scenery is amazing here, people could easily mistake it for somewhere in the western part of the States.

      Yeah, I guess they are but unfortunately we didn't see any and we were looking.

  4. X2 what Croft said about hibernation. Out West, rattlesnakes (or sidewinders as they call them) are not very big, not like what we get here in wooded areas. They also hide themselves in the open quite well because their coloration blends in with the environment. Right now, I've noticed they are a little lethargic from hibernation; that is why Karen came so close to stepping on the snake. In the rural back roads of Georgia and South Carolina during the spring season, we will kill the huge ones and nail them to a Highway Dept. road sign to remind people to walk cautiously this time of year and, of course, wear long pants and snake boots in the woods. Hikers here this time of the year carry snake bite kits with them.

    Hope the wait lines are not too bad for you at the border.

    1. Yes, the days are pretty hot now so I guess they are coming out. We actually saw a big snake today, here in Texas, not sure what kind it was though. I think I will be wearing my hikers from now on even on short hikes. We have a bite kit and it is normally in my backpack, not really sure how good they are but we have it anyways.

      Wishful thinking on the wait at the border!

  5. Oh my, what a gorgeous hike! It does look like ET...lol

    1. It was a wonderful hike, we really enjoyed it. It is funny but if you look at that rock formation from different angles, it looks totally different but at that angle it sure did look like ET. :-)

  6. Lovely park glad you both were able to get some hiking in . Hope you all had a Happy Easter and looking forward to the next post. Enjoy!

    1. It was a beautiful park and we really enjoyed being able to get out and get some good hiking in for a change.

  7. We really enjoyed that park and are disappointed we couldn't make it.

    1. Thanks for telling us about it, even though I did have it on my must see list, it was you that went there and made us want to go even that much more. Sorry you had a breakdown, we were so looking forward to seeing you guys. :-(

  8. enjoying you last few days in Mexico travel safe and enjoy the weather.

  9. Replies
    1. It is a fantastic place to hike. We were a little disappointed that they wanted too much money for the guide to be able to go on the other trail though. I bet it would and been gorgeous. If a few other people that wanted to go it would have made the price more reasonable, maybe next time.

  10. Catching up with your blog....you are well into Texas by now. Those mountains look like “ cousins” to the mountains in Zion and Bryce National parks without the red hue heh? .....and ET was definitely unique!

    1. I wouldn't say we were "well" into Texas but we are in Texas. We really haven't traveled very far since crossing the border on Monday. ;-)

      Maybe distant cousins! I even mentioned to Kevin when were were out hiking in the park how the place reminded me of Bryce, the formations aren't the same but they are similar.


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