A nice start to the day at Lower Mazinaw Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Boondockers Welcome

Woke up yesterday morning after  a great sleep at Foster County Park, free camping for the night. Nice little park by the river, and quiet during the week, although I've read that it can get busy on the weekends.

One of the things we love about the transient RV lifestyle is opening the windows in the morning to see where we are! Yesterday morning, we had ducks and geese and turtles to see!

Turtles sunning themselves.

Ducks and geese. 
Those two bigger white ones were not friendly!

Sherman, at his spot by the river.

We went for a walk around the park. Here's Ruth, crossing the dam.

There's Sherman again. 
He's so photogenic, isn't he? :-)

 Golden fronted woodpecker.

Kevin, thinking about going for a swing on the rope into the swimming hole.

We didn't have far to drive, but our Boondockers Welcome host said he would probably be out between 11am and 1pm, so we drove into San Angelo and found a city park to wait out the time. It was getting quite warm, but we were lucky enough to find a shade tree to park under. We had lunch there, and then drove a couple of miles to Paul's property north of the city.

Boondockers Welcome is where you can find free overnight RV parking on private property. We re-activated our membership for the next year because it's just another option that we can use to find free places to overnight. And, you get to meet friendly like minded RV people. And, a one year membership is less than the cost of an average campground nowadays.

So after lunch, we arrived at Paul's property but he wasn't home yet. No worries, he has a nice big driveway so we just made ourselves at home. His friendly neighbor Bill came over to see who we were. Nice to have a local security service!

Sherman, parked up at Paul's place.

Paul arrived shortly afterwards and we said hello for a few minutes. He just sold this house and has bought another one on the other side of town. So he apologized that he is so busy, but he had some phone calls to make and was going to be busy for the afternoon. No worries... we are self sufficient and quite happy to look after ourselves. But, Ruth was making a lasagna for dinner so we invited him to join us then. Better though to eat inside the house since it was getting awfully warm outside. Everyone was happy with that, so we agreed to come into the house around 6:00pm.

They issued a "red flag heat warning" for this area yesterday. I guess that happens when the temperature hits 100F (38C). And yep, it was getting up there alright.

Another benefit of using Boondockers Welcome is that if your host agrees, you can arrange to have an Amazon order sent to be waiting there for when you arrive! Paul was nice enough to agree to that.

Sure enough, we had two Amazon packages waiting for us.

Our loot... it was just like Christmas!

We had bought a new crisper drawer for the fridge. The old one was cracking pretty bad. And a couple of spice rack shelves for the wall behind the stove. And a new indoor outdoor thermometer. The clock part of our old one wasn't working anymore, and even the temperature readings didn't seem accurate. Time for a new one. And some Thermacell refills so that we will be prepared for the Yukon mosquitoes! And a recharge kit for Sherman's K&N air filter. And an electronic BBQ lighter. And a new charger for Ruth's laptop.

Plugged the charger in, and it didn't work. Nothing. Brand new out of the box. I guess that's going back.

New indoor outdoor thermometer.

I use the outdoor sensor inside the fridge. You can see the temperature in the motorhome is 36.5C (97.7F) at 5:45pm. Yep, it was warm. Even the fridge temperature is warm, but that's because I had just put a warm beer in the fridge, right beside the sensor!

Here is the thermometer that we bought...

When it's warm in the motorhome, we sit outside in the shade.

Paul has a 25' 2016 Winnebago Navion. Nice sized unit for Mexico! 

Paul, Kevin, and Ruth. 

So, had a nice visit with Paul. His wife of 55 years passed away in 2013, but they were avid RV'ers and even lived full time back in the early 1990's for two years. Interesting guy to talk to and we enjoyed our stay, even if only for one night.

Today, we're headed further north. The one day heat wave has ended, and they're calling for a high of 84F (29C) today, and cooler again tomorrow.

Great deal on a 9 tray food dehydrator...

And in Canada...


  1. When you come through BC, come to Harrison Hot Springs where we live in a RV park.
    Great hiking area.

    1. We have been to Harrison Hot Springs during our first fall with our motorhome and we enjoyed ourselves there. We did a nice hike as well but it was late fall so the weather was almost winter like. In fact our hike took us up to the snowline and we had to turn around. If we happen to be back in that area we may just stop by again.

  2. Wow that is warm. Do you guys at least have plug in service to run your AC? Enjoy your stay. Safe travels.

    1. No, we normally don't do A/C. We usually just sit outside in the shade.

  3. I always get a little giddy whenever there's a package delivered. Amazon, Lee Valley, Busy Bee, whatever. Too back about the charger. I've had the odd dud. At least with Lee Valley, they have the return label already printed out for you, with Amazon it's a bit of a chore. Good luck.
    So it seems Texas gets a wee bit warm this time of year? Wow.

    1. Yep, it is funny how you almost feel like a kid at Christmas, except that you already know what's in the boxes! ;-)

      Amazon has made doing the return pretty easy, we just had to find a printer to print the label off and that was easily done at the library.

  4. Enjoy the warm weather guys, we're knee deep in snow here in Calgary visiting our clan. Then there's the headcold to boot!
    Mike & Louise

    1. We are, we really aren't wanting to head north north until we really have too! Hope the weather improves soon and your head colds, they're no fun especially when you are trying to have fun with the family.

  5. Nice to enjoy dinner with someone that has so much in common with you folks. Like you I'd be heading for cooler weather.

    Safe travels.

    1. It was nice and we really enjoyed listening his stories, he has definitely lead and interesting life.

      We have to be careful of what we wish for, we would much rather have that hot weather than the cold that they are having further north. Personally we just want the temperature a few degrees lower! :-)


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