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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Heat warning on Thursday, wind warning on Friday!

We had planned on leaving Paul's place at 9:00am in order to beat the worst of the winds, but for some reason we were a few minutes later than that. We knew the forecast was calling for wind, but it was supposed to be from the south so we were hoping for a tail wind.

Instead, it came from the west and we had a nasty cross wind that got worse as time went on.

Outside Paul's place, Ruth spotted another scissor-tailed flycatcher....

Off he goes.

We said goodbye to Paul and thanked him for his hospitality. 

We weren't planning on driving that far to begin with, but it would have been nice to make it a little further than we did. We are trying to be in Amarillo for Monday afternoon. It might have to be Tuesday now, but it's not a big deal.

 The most scenic part of our drive. It didn't last very long.

This is what it looked like for most of the way.

The wind got worse, and it wasn't a very enjoyable drive. With about 15 miles to go to the town of Colorado City, I had pretty much decided that was as far as we were going!

We pulled into town and made our way to the local library parking lot where I went inside and asked the friendly lady behind the counter if we could have the wifi password, and she complied with a smile.

It was so dusty just sitting there in the parking lot with the winds swirling around. Online, I read one report of their Ruddick Park allowing overnight RV parking, so maybe that would do.

While we were there, I went back inside the library and printed off the return label for the laptop charger that didn't work. This is the first time I've ever had to return something to Amazon, but it's pretty easy. When you apply for a return, they email you a post office or UPS label. You just print the label off, tape it onto the package, and drop it off at the post office. Fortunately, the post office was just around the corner from the library.

While in the library, I got to talking to the two ladies behind the counter. They thought we could just park in the library parking lot, but I was looking for something a little more scenic. I mentioned the park, and they both thought that was fine, but the police station was right across the road so I figured I would go check with them first.

The police station called city hall (which was on the opposite corner!) but there was no answer so I just walked over there and explained the situation. No problem, they said we could overnight in the city park.

Ruddick Park, Colorado City, Texas.

 Things were different back then.

Ruddick Park.

Sherman, parked by the pond.

By the way, there were no clouds in the sky. But, the sky was not blue. It was this grey hazy color because of the amount of dust stirred up by the wind. Not nice at all, and with a window or two open in the motorhome, everything is covered in grit. 

And it was almost too windy to go for a walk, but we did manage 45 minutes or so outside wandering around the park.

So, we are hitting the road at 7am and hopefully today we will make it to Caprock Canyons State Park... but if the winds pick up again, we will stop. It's really not enjoyable driving in cross winds like that. And either way, the winds are supposed to finish by Saturday evening.

Friday's drive, 75.2 miles (120 kms).

Nice unlocked international Motorola smartphone...

And in Canada...


  1. That second scenery picture is why I've never been tempted to go back that way. San Angelo itself looked like a clean and prosperous city, if I recall correctly.

    1. No that type of scenery does nothing for us either. We never made it into San Angelo itself so can't say what the city itself is like. We are enjoying Caprock Canyons and Trailways State Park though.

  2. Glad you made it safely despite the winds. Enjoy your stay!

    1. We didn't make it to where we wanted to be but we did find somewhere good to stop along the way. It is definitely not fun driving in that kind of wind.

  3. I remember always having such a fight on my hands whenever it was windy and we were driving the RV. Good thing you hadn't made it as far north as some parts of Missouri. Tornadoes and the ensuing destruction. I'm sure you're keeping an eye out for "Tornado Alley" though....
    Deleted the first one because apparently my proof reading skills are somewhat lacking.

    1. As Kevin says, driving a motorhome in high winds and a crosswind like that makes it feel like it's a big sailboat. Definitely not fun to drive in conditions like that and that is why we stop when we did.

      We are definitely keeping our eyes on the weather north of us!

  4. You guys are sure getting the miles out of your Texas State Park pass. Stay south as long as you can. May see you in late April at Cabri if you get there by then. Safe Travels

    1. We sure are! That pass has more than paid for itself and we have really enjoyed all the hiking that we have been doing in the parks.

      Trust us we aren't in a huge rush, if we have to do a couple of long driving days near the end then so be it. Hopefully though the weather will have improved a little.

      You guys watch the weather too, hopefully you can dodge any storms. Hope we can meet up at Cabri! :-)

  5. We saw the wind and the below freezing warnings as we moved into New Mexico from Texas so have been hold up outside of Albuquerque. Yesterday we had 30 to 50 mph winds then woke up to 26 degrees this morning. Today is much better in the 60's had a nice hike at Petroglyphs National Monument. Have a great time in Palo Duro Canyon!

    1. Yep, it's no fun driving in high winds especially in a motorhome so if you don't have to be somewhere it is better to sit back and let it pass. The temperature in the motorhome this morning was about 42F (6C) but it is warming up nicely now and is suppose to be a beautiful day. I hope things warm up for you there as well. Albuquerque isn't a bad place to be holed up at.

      We are looking forward to a stay at Palo Duro Canyon. Enjoy your travels and give Rosie an pet and hug for us. :-)

  6. If your heading to Amarillo, this may be out of your way. The city of Haskel just north east of you has a full hook ups city park that is free for one night. Stayed there this year on my way back home. Those cross winds are terrible to drive in. If only we were sail boats.

    1. Yes, it would have been a little out of our way and now it definitely is because we are already north of it. Thanks for the suggestion though and who knows maybe we will hit it some other time when we are passing through the area.

      We hate crosswinds more than headwinds, just not fun to drive in at all!


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