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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Very pleased with Junction, Texas

We weren't in a rush to leave Garner State Park, but we left our site at about 9:00am to drive through the park and down to the store where the laundromat is located. Haven't done any laundry since March 29th in Mazatlan.

That's also the last time we emptied our holding tanks, so it had been 8 days and we can normally go 10 if we're careful, so the grey tank was starting to get full. Probably could have gone another few days on the black tank though. Anyhow, we got the laundry done and emptied the tanks on our way out of the park.

There was a cold front that came through yesterday, and people tent camping sure did look chilly. I don't think the temperature got much more than 55F (13C) by the time we left just before noon, and it was overcast and windy as well.

We headed north on route 83.

Route 83 is a nice wide Texas style two lane road with paved shoulders.
And a 75 mph (120 km/h) speed limit.

 Scenery along the way.

More scenery.

And nobody on the road but us.
Sherman had the cruise control on at a steady 53 mph (85 km/h).

 I guess everybody is on the Interstate!

Yesterday's drive, 70.8 miles (113 kms).

We arrived in Junction, and went straight to Schreiner City Park. The city allows three nights of free camping in the park beside the river, and we've been here before. We had some lunch, and I went to get on the internet but didn't get a Verizon signal. Strange.

And I got a very weak signal on the phone that still has the Mexico SIM card in it. It's supposed to work fine in both Canada and the U.S., and so far that has been the case. Hopefully it continues. I'll have to find some way to recharge it if it continues to work well.

We are booked at a Boondockers Welcome host for one day next week and I had asked him if we could send an Amazon order to his place for us to pick up when we arrive. I received an email confirmation from him, so I needed to get the order done.

We drove into town and found the Junction Library, so we parked in the empty lot of the church next door and hooked into the unsecured signal using our Bear Extender Wifi Antennas.

When we were done there, we went to the local grocery store and picked up some food. Then we drove through the main drag. Very quiet town on a Saturday afternoon!

The antler tree. 
Oh deer.

Main street Junction, Texas.
Where is everybody?

Kimble County Courthouse.

Then, we headed back to the park.

This will do for the night!

Very pleased with Junction, Texas. What a great park to offer for free overnight RV parking. And, we spent some money in the local grocery store and the local liquor store. 

And, Junction is located very close (5 miles, 8 kms) to the South Llano River State Park, so we're headed over there this morning to make more use of our Texas State Parks Pass, but we will return to Junction this evening for another free night.

Temperatures getting back to normal today with blue skies and sunshine, and warming throughout the day to a late afternoon high of 84F (29C).

Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush. Record low price, today only!

And in Canada...


  1. Love a free campsite like that. I am looking at class c's right now and wondering about the unweildiness of longer than 24 feet. Do you find your long back end makes it difficult to deal with less than flat roads or bumps and turning around? Do you ever wish for a smaller rv for maneuvrability?

    1. Smaller is always better when it comes to RV maneuverability! But, there's always a tradeoff. Given that there is no perfect RV, you have to decide what's important to you.

    2. We have been driving a 20 ft class C since 2008 but not fulltime though. The longest was 105 days. It’s perfect for short term and maneuverability wherever you go. But like Kevin says, bottom line, you have to decide what your goals are and allow for trade offs. Good luck!

  2. Several communities in the Texas Panhandle area have free municipal RV parks. We travel frequently between New Mexico and Austin, and stay at the Waylon Jennings Memorial park in Littlefield (Waylon's home town) which has water and electric hookups and a dump site for free. There's also free parks in Muleshoe, Levelland, and a few others. Much better than the Walmart in Lubbock (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

    1. Yes, we have used a few free municipal parks throughout Texas. This one doesn't have services but it is nice that they allow you to park overnight. Very welcoming. :-)

      Anything is better that Walmart in our opinion, we only use a Walmart as a last resort. We do know a lot of people that like them and as long as they are happy that is all that matters.

  3. Kevin, you can recarga your Telcel phone online. There are companies that do the service for many carriers.
    I have used Pinzoo & one other - think it was call Mobile Recharge. Just type in Telcel recharge in a search & you will find many.
    Last summer we used our Telcel here in BC for several months before we needed to recharge.

    You guys are still my early morning coffee read.
    Love your travels & your outlook.

    1. Thank you Taylore, Kevin is looking into that suggestion. It would certainly make things easy that way and cheaper than having to rely on Bell!

      Thanks for following along on our adventures every morning. :-)

  4. Oh deer lol. I think there are a lot of little towns like that, hardly anyone about, slowly dying. Good on them for offering free RV parking, people do exactly what you did and spend money in their town.

    1. Actually the town doesn't seem to be dying, just super quiet on the weekends at this time of year. We think it is a hustling and bustling place over the summer and during hunting season. We agree, we think they are smart offering free overnight RV parking rather trying to ban it and scare all the RVers away!

  5. Looks like a lovely place and it is free great. Enjoy your travels.

    1. It is a nice little place and very quiet too!

  6. Changing the subject: Did any of your people have difficulty finding Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel on the tour through Mexico? We still chicken out of going more than a tank's worth of distance south of the border...

    1. Not really, there were a few spots that it was a little harder to find it but the two that required the ULSD, carried around extra fuel that got them to a station that supplied it. Word has it that all the stations are selling it anyways but if not they will by the end of December this year.

  7. We have stayed at the city park in Junction a couple of times and really love it there. Great small town atmosphere. We could not get a Verizon signal at the park so we went to the library and used their Wi-Fi.

    1. Yes, definitely a nice small town atmosphere and the park it very quiet at night.

      We have been doing the same thing with the library, in fact that is where we are right now. :-)

  8. Noting your antler tree photo, I would bet the town puts Christmas lights on it during the season. When we were in Jackson, Wyoming a few years back, the town had a large arch comprised of various size antlers which you walked through to enter the town square and was lit up at night. Very interesting to a gal from SC.

    1. I am sure that it gets decorated up nice at Christmas. We have seen the antler arches at Jackson Hole, they are quite impressive.

    2. So have we! I made the exact same remark when I first saw the arches...”Oh deer!” Lol!


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