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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Slunj, Croatia.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Exploring Garner State Park

Woke up to a bit of an overcast day yesterday, and we didn't see any sun until late afternoon. But, it never did rain and the temperature was perfect to go out and get some exercise and explore the park.

Like I said yesterday, it's a big park so every time we go anywhere on the bikes, we know we're in for some exercise. That's okay, because we were kind of lacking in that department over the last three months and we need to get ourselves back in hiking condition because we're planning on doing lots of hiking and biking over the next six months!

It's 1.5 miles (2.4 kms) just to go from our campsite back to the main office. First thing we did was to ride over there and renew for a third night. So we won't leave here until Saturday morning sometime.

Then, we rode over to the highway bridge going over the Frio River just to have a look at the view...

The Frio River

The water level is low at this time of year.

The riverbed is an interesting design.

We parked the bikes and did a short .5 mile (.8 km) nature trail.

Then, back on the bikes and we did some of the biking trail that they have here. The biking trail goes by the bird blind, so we stopped in there to see some birds.

A cardinal.

A hummingbird.

Another one.

A house finch.

Brown headed cowbird.

My what big ears you have!

And big eyes too!

 A bluebird.

Gold fronted woodpecker.

 Black eared jackrabbit.

From a distance, we spotted this big male turkey in full peacock mode! He was too far away though, and so the pictures aren't the best. And I couldn't get him to turn around and show us a better view!

 Back end of Mr. Wild Turkey,

He sure was big.

Then it was back to Sherman for lunch and a rest before heading out again. Around 3:00pm, we got back on the bikes and rode another 1.5 miles (2.5 kms) where we parked the bikes and locked them up before walking to the Old Baldy Trailhead. 

Near where we parked the bikes.

The Old Baldy Trail is short, but it's uphill every step of the way. Good exercise, but you have to be careful because there are lots of loose stones on the steep path.

Ruth, admiring the view.


And us.

Looking over the other side.

Ended up doing about 10 miles (16 kms) on the bikes and about 3.5 miles (5.5 kms) hiking. Not bad, for the first real day back at it. We've got some more hiking to do today!

Nice price drop on this 9' x 12' RV patio mat...

And in Canada...


  1. Not sure if you are headed to Palo Duro ( but if you do you will likely be surrounded by turkeys and deer! May be back in Denver or Denton, Texas area end of the month. Achilles healing well - headed to the beach for the first swim in five weeks!

    1. Yes, we will definitely be heading to Palo Druro State Park. It looks like another wonderful park with lots of hiking. It won't be until later in the week though.

      Glad to hear that our Achilles is healing well. Enjoy your swim.

      Not sure if we are headed towards Denver or not but if we do we will let you know and if you are there hopefully we can meet up. :-)

  2. Someone is getting perked up for Spring Gobbler Season up north. He says “THANKS!”
    More pretty views! You two look sooooo happy!! You ARE in your element!!!

    1. So glad that Barry is enjoying those turkey pictures!

      Yes, we are definitely in our element here. We are really enjoying all the pretty scenery and nature that is all around us.

  3. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of wild must have a book about birds and all kinds of animals as you have been able to identify pretty much all of them in your travels even in Mexico!
    I soooo envy how fit you guys are! Stay safe and well..

    1. You are welcome Lynnette. There sure was a lot of bird life here at the park. No we don't have a book about birds or any of the animals or butterflies with us but we do have the internet at our fingertips a fair bit of the time. Also if someone is around to ask that sometimes helps with identifying the birds and such.

      We make a point of staying active because once you let yourself slow down then it is hard to get back at it and we don't ever want to be in that situation. We want to be hiking and biking for a very long time yet. :-)

  4. Loved the photo of the two of you together on your hike. Isn't it nice to hike on a trail that no one else is using?! Looks like a really special place.

    1. We love having the trails to ourselves. :-)

      If you are in the vicinity of Garner State Park, we highly recommend it but probably not in the summertime.


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