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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

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Sunday, April 22, 2018

It wasn't worth taking the chance...

Yesterday, we drove from Boise City, Oklahoma to a reservoir at the Queens Wildlife Conservation area just north of Lamar, Colorado. I had a few ideas of where we could park for the night, but there was a heavy rainfall the night before and many of the gravel side roads were still pretty soft.

We ended up walking in to what would have been a beautiful spot, but I was worried Sherman would get stuck!

We ended up driving 118 miles (189 kms). Not the most scenic, but it had it's moments...

A lone tree.

Welcome to Colorado. 
Not so colorful yesterday!

Coal train.

The road to the first place.

Like I said, there had been quite a rain the night before and the gravel roads were soft. We would have had to do about 3 miles (5 kms) to get to one spot. It looked like one other vehicle had gone down the road, so we took it.

Until we got to this point.

Then, we decided to park Sherman and walk the rest of the way about a mile each way. And I'm glad we did. The section of road just past where we parked was pretty muddy. Sherman might have made it, but it wasn't worth taking the chance.

We left Sherman here and went for a walk.

 Two Buttes Wildlife Management Area.

Still pretty wet in spots.

This would have been our campsite.
GPS 37.622198, -102.56066

View from the campsite.


We had a nice walk, but decided not to chance driving Sherman down there. We had some lunch, and then carried on a bit further north.

Two Buttes.

A few wind generators.
You never want to live in an area where there's enough wind to put these things up!

Seen in Lamar, Colorado!

We filled up with propane in Lamar, Colorado for $2.00 a gallon. Anytime you can get it for $2.00 or less, it's a good deal. Most of the Pilot and Flying J's that we have checked have been $3.00 a gallon.

Just north of Lamar, we came to a series of small reservoirs called the Great Plains Reservoirs. Again, water levels are low but they are obviously expecting them to rise given the new boat ramp they just built. There is a fairly new outhouse, and lots of space to overnight in an RV

The road in was fairly solid.

Only about a mile off the highway.

Sherman's spot for the night.
GPS 38.295296, -102.74104

Only a high of about 48F (9C) yesterday, and overcast most of the day. It never did rain again though. Today is supposed to be better with a high of 66F (19C) and it's still overcast now but the sun is supposed to show itself after lunch.

Yesterday's drive, 118 miles (189 kms).

We're headed towards Brush, Colorado. Not sure if we'll make it that far, it depends on what we find along the way! Enjoy your Sunday!

Wow! Happy 30th Birthday to our son Alex. Enjoy your 30's!


And in Canada...


  1. You're in a part of the country where the lines on the map are awful straight. In that kind of place "seeing what you find along the way" requires that you be tuned in to subtle phenomena. One of which, I suppose, is emptiness itself. Or perhaps the smell of air which has passed over 100 miles of grassland.

    1. Yep, they sure are straight but most of the scenery is still interesting, way more so that than some of the scenery going from Laredo, Texas up to the Hill Country where it is just scrub brush everywhere.

      Surprisingly enough this prairie/plains scenery seems to be growing on us, maybe that is due to living in it for the past 4 summers in Saskatchewan.

  2. Probably a whole lot of nothing along the way to Brush, CO. Much like the previous drive although it does have it's prairie beauty. My sister never could understand me in why I love wide open spaces...to me it's like an open curtain. You can see for miles.

    1. Actually the scenery was interesting enough and for the most part we enjoyed the drive. Yep, there is definitely something about all that wide open space that you have to love. As I mentioned in the comment above, I guess the prairie landscape has really grown on us.

  3. Travel safe and enjoy. Looks like a good spot for Sherman for the night!

    1. It was a great spot, not quite as pretty as the other one that we wanted to stay at but it was nice and quiet and served it's purpose.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly, way better to stay on terra firma than get hopelessly mired in mud. Been there, done that. I know this may sound blasphemous, but as much as I love camping in the middle of nowhere, if it's raining and I'm in transit, it's Walmart lol.

    1. Especially if you get stuck in mud in the middle of nowhere! ;-)

      Even if we have to stay in a town or near a town we can always find a place better than a Walmart, as you know Walmart is always a last resort for us. Too many people, noise and lights.

  5. Had to laugh out loud at your comment - "You never want to live in an area where there's enough wind to put these things up!" That describes most of our state of Wyoming. Happy Travels through "our neck of the woods."

    1. We don't mind staying in places that have wind for a short time, we just won't want to live in one. :-)

  6. Better safe than sorry, those roads look quite remote and help may be a long while coming. It's warming up here in the great white north...

    1. That's exactly they way we felt, better safe than sorry!

      Glad to hear things are finally starting to warm up, up there. :-)

  7. You always seem to find the great spots!

    1. There are a lot of great places out there to find! :-)

  8. I really admire your tenacity in looking for the perfect or near perfect spot to camp in remote and unlikely places! I love wide open spaces! Thanks for the pics.....safe travels.

    1. We just like to stay in places away from the crowds and the noise as much as possible but we also do want to detour too far off our route to do it. Kevin does a great job at finding these types of spots. :-)


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