Max, at his last Moroccan campsite just south of Tangier, Morocco.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Waiting to board the ferry to Spain.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading towards Seville, Spain.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

You can almost watch the leaves opening up!

Ruth was busy all day yesterday doing leaf clean-up. Hard work when it's this warm. The temperature got up to 30C (86F) yesterday, but there is no humidity at all, and there was a breeze all day as well. Supposed to be warm again today, then back to normal with highs of around 20C (68F) and sunny all next week.

Perfect weather.

I helped her with that for a while, and then I went to get our main water supply to the park ready. The main pump needed to be rebuilt, so that was the first job. I've never done it before, but I had watched the guy take it apart last year when it broke down and I didn't see why I couldn't do it myself rather than the time and expense of calling him.

I think I got it back together the right way!

The impellers and diffusers are only plastic and they break and wear down over time.

The pump runs 24/7 during the summer, so the parts do wear out. I have a backup pump as well that I'm also going to rebuild, but I need some more parts. That way, I can change them out half way through the summer without waiting for it to break down first!

This hot weather has made the leaves on the trees sprout out. You can almost watch the leaves opening up! Things are getting green!

I went to look at our owl baby this morning, but I guess it was still sleeping. Mom was sure keeping her eye on me though!

I think that's the baby's head just below her breast on the right lower side.

Only problem with the heat? It's brought some mosquitoes out too! I don't think we've ever seen mosquitoes this early here. 

Remember the new kayak we bought last year? It's had a huge price drop again. What a great deal for our American readers!


  1. You sure keep the park looking beautiful and so neat and tidy. Enjoy the nice weather!

    1. That is what we strive for because if we stay at a campground this is what we want to see. :-)

  2. Your header picture looks very inviting!

    1. That is good because this is what we wanting to do! :-)

  3. Looking good there now wish we had some of the heat here,But the Rain sure is making things grow like crazy. Nice to get those pumps up and running.

    1. I am sure the hot weather will arrive your way soon enough and then everyone will be complaining that it is too hot and that they need rain. ;-)

      Yep, the water is running in the campground once again, a few leaky fittings to fix though.


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