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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Even the packaging is impressive!

We did a lot of flying this past winter, and we were offered the opportunity to try out a top quality set of earbud headphones so that we could enjoy a premium listening experience while watching the in flight entertainment systems on the various aircraft.

The Swedish brand Sudio sent us each one pair of their top quality earphones. Ruth chose the blue ones, and I chose the black ones!

The Vasa earphones that we received are really top quality. They have studio quality sound and they are comfortable to wear. Each pair comes with four sets of extra sleeves (the rubber piece that fits inside your ear) and in different sizes for different shaped ears.

You can tell just by the feel of the materials that they didn't scrimp on anything. In fact, even the packaging is impressive...

Sudio Sweden always offers tax-free purchases and fast and free worldwide delivery.

The sound is fantastic. And the full–feature 3-button remote is convenient to use, and it comes with a mic for both Android and iOS operating systems.

Each pair comes with a leather protective carrying case.

We were totally impressed with our Sudio earphones. Most top end earphones are geared towards sports and fitness listening, but these ones are actually designed to be fashionable while giving you studio quality sound.

Sudio products are not cheap. But the price you see includes everything, even fast free shipping worldwide.

As part of our agreement, Sudio is offering Travel with Kevin and Ruth readers an exclusive 15% discount. Simply use code kevinandruth15 at checkout!

You can buy here... Sudio Sweden


  1. Wow - can't bring myself to spend that much on ear buds but if I start using them more maybe I'll give them a try. Love the photo from Zurich!

    1. Yes, it is a lot of money but for someone who would use them a lot and wants quality sound then we would highly recommend them but for just occasional use then it probably isn't worth it.

      We can't wait to go back to Switzerland and explore more of the country but it is somewhere that we would have to save up for because it is so expensive.

  2. I too would not spend that much money on ear buds....I have my own that work just fine. But thanks for the heads up :-)

    1. Totally understand, their certainly aren't for everyone.

  3. They sound great, but because they're tiny, I'd probably end up losing them so I'm probably better off with cheap ones.

    1. Yep, they are small but then we are traveling a lot and don't want big headphones. We managed to get through 7 months of travel and being constantly on the move and we haven't lost them yet. We did however lose a pair of shorts, don't ask!! ;-)

  4. Compared to what my husband paid for my Bose noise canceling headphones (a birthday gift to me), these are a steal! I travel a lot and really enjoy my Bose but sure would like something smaller. Any ideas?

    1. Our only suggest would be these earbuds. They have great sound, are quality made and are small, perfect for traveling. Sudio makes headphones but not sure if they are smaller than what you already have.


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