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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday morning pancakes

Actually, they are "weekend" pancakes for us, because we only happen to be having them this morning. So while they are Sunday morning pancakes today, they could just as easily be Saturday lunch pancakes next weekend!

Ruth and I have a bit of a tradition with weekend pancakes. As well, we do weekend bacon and eggs!

And again, it could be a breakfast meal, or it could be a lunch meal. Today, we're having pancakes for breakfast and bacon and eggs for lunch!

Ruth has a fantastic gluten free pancake recipe...

Gluten free pancakes

1 1/4 cup gluten free flour mix*  (can be made with regular flour but may need just a little more or less to get the right consistency)
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 cup buttermilk powder**
2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1 1/4 cup water**
3 tbsp butter (melted)

Mix together the dry ingredients

Mix together egg and water and then blend into the dry ingredients

Add melted butter and mix

Spoon into a frying pan over medium heat and cook until bubbles show on the top of the pancake and then flip and cook until browned.

I find that this makes about 6 medium sized pancakes, three each and it does us just fine.

*Gluten Free flour blend

2 cups brown rice flour
2/3 cup potato starch
1/3 cup tapioca flour/starch?
1 tsp xanthan gum

Mix this all together in an airtight plastic container with a lid.

When I make this I make a triple batch just so that I don't have to keep making it every time I want to do any baking.

6 cups brown rice flour
2 cups potato starch
1 cup tapioca flour/starch?
3 tsp xanthan gum

Here are some other pointers with this blend.  Before using it after it has sat for a while, make sure that you give it a good shake to mix up the contents.  I also use brown rice flour as it has more fibre to it than the white and personally we don't notice any difference in the flavour.  Trying to find a place to buy the xanthan gum, normally any health food store should carry it or any store that carrys a large supply of gluten free products.  In Canada my favourite shopping spot for Gluten Free items is bulk barn.

**Substitute 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice plus enough milk to equal 1 cup and let stand 5 minutes, or 1 to 1 1/4 buttermilk

Cookin' up the pancakes!

With pure maple syrup and butter. Yum!

Finish Dishwasher Tabs are on sale... cheapest they've ever been for the 85 pack...


  1. Not much of a comment...except that THAT is a lot of Maple syrup. Be well.

    1. Are you talking about the container or the amount on the pancakes? There really isn't too much on the pancakes, it just looks like a lot because of the colour of the plates and that they are glossy plates. If it is the container then it is just a nice amount, one litre and we get it at Walmart for $12.99 and it lasts us for awhile. :-)

    2. OK Gotta get my eyes checked although *thinks* that probably wouldn't help. I see it now. But it looked like mega syrup.

    3. LOL...the plates make it look like your yummy pancakes are sitting on a huge bed of fudge sauce!

    4. Yep, these plates are brown in the centre, the only syrup on them is actually on the pancake and maybe a bit the has dribbled over the sides. Definitely couldn't deal with eating THAT much syrup! No fudge sauce, Emily! lol

  2. Looks yummy especially with real maple syrup.

    1. For us real maple syrup is the only way to have pancakes, if we don't have the real stuff then we will have honey, jam or peanut butter on them but that doesn't happen often, normally we would just go without pancakes.

  3. I know this is unusual but I also like plain yogourt with either molasses or apple butter on pancakes.

    1. Elspeth, that sounds delicious! I'm going to try it. I especially love apple butter, and on pancakes with yogurt, it sounds like a winner and is healthy, too.

    2. Yep, that is different! Haven't heard of having yogurt on them but can understand molasses or apple butter. In Mexico they make snacks with pancakes, sweet and condensed milk drizzled over them with dab of jam and then sell them.

    3. I add a few tablespoons of flax meal to the dry ingredients and I reduce the butter by adding applesauce and greek yogurt, plus whey if it has separated and is in the yogurt. If I remember, I soak 1/2 cup of millet the evening before, then add it to the mix for more whole grains. We've been addicted to adding coconut flakes to our pancakes as that was offered to us on an all-inclusive Mexico resort and it is sooo yummy!

    4. I will try to remember to add some flax to the mix next time, I do this when I make bread and my pizza crusts but hadn't thought about putting it in the pancake mix. The recipe only calls for 3 tablespoons of butter so I don't mind using butter plus Kevin wants the added calories! ;-) I will also have to try and remember to add some coconut flakes, we both love coconut!

  4. I like to fix breakfasts like that on the weekend, too. Yours looks delicious!

  5. Funny. My Dad insisted that one of the weekend days was pancakes, bacon and eggs. It did not matter which day except that it was usually sunday after church. Us kids really enjoyed it too as it usually meant we were going for an ice cream later in the day after the yard work was done.

    1. Sounds like a great breakfast/brunch and good memories. I especially like the thought of an ice cream in the afternoon. :-)

  6. I do whole wheat pancakes like that and then serve topped with heated( frozen) mixed berries. About ten years ago we were in Crete and for breakfast I had the fresh yogurt while Peter had the full english. Very seldom do we have bacon and eggs. Probably because we have bacon in caesar salad and on our hamburgers.

    1. I have to say that we really look forward to our once a week pancakes with real maple syrup even though we know that fruit and such is much healthier it is one of our splurges, that and bacon and eggs once a week. We don't eat bacon at any other time. A caeasar salad isn't a caesar without bacon! :-)


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