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Friday, May 19, 2017

Opening day!

Well, it's opening day for most campgrounds here in Canada. Monday is "Victoria Day" so it's a holiday long weekend up here in the great white north. Americans have to wait another week yet for their "Memorial Day" May long weekend.

But things are not so white up here any more! Mostly very green. And they're calling for a beautiful weekend with sunshine and highs around 21C (70F) for the next four days.

We're not expecting our park to be all that busy though. Many people around here work in the farming business, and they're still busy seeding the fields. In fact, we've only got one reservation for the weekend although I'm sure that given the decent weather we'll end up with a few more campers than that.

These photos were all taken this morning...

The waterfront.

The water level is about typical for this time of year. The lake is fed by runoff from the Rocky Mountains west of Calgary and there's still lots of snow in the mountains. By June, that snow will start to melt and some of the water flows this way to fill up our lake. 

Last year was a terrible year for the park. and one of the reasons was that the lake never filled. In fact, the level right now is exactly the same as it was on July 11th of last year!

Lake Diefenbaker

The marina is already starting to fill up.

If this turns out to be a normal year, the water will rise about 10 feet over the next six weeks!

Anyhow... still lots to do, so we better get at it!

Pretty decent price drop on a 50 amp 30 ft RV extension cord...


  1. Ready for the rush and hope things go smoothly for you.

    1. No rush this weekend to get ready for! Not many people this weekend, the farmers are all busy getting the seeding done and they make up the majority of our campers here. It should be a great weekend and the weather is cooperating nicely too.

  2. I was thinking the lake looked low, but did not consider the snow melt. Looks like you are ready for the season ahead.

    1. The lake is high already compared to last year. Can't wait to get a picture of it at the level that it should be though, it is so much prettier then.

  3. Looks like you have the perfect weather for this long weekend. Hopefully the urge will hit everyone at once and the park will be packed.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. So far the weather is gorgeous! Well there was no last minute rush yesterday but who knows what we will get today, we definitely won't have a packed park though.


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