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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania .

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Making progress

Wow, what a busy last two weeks, hardly had time to breathe!  I was to have had two days off two weeks ago but only ended up with one and that one was spent shopping, doing up all that meat in the afternoon and regular
cleaning and tiding up in Sherman.  I was hoping to relax on my second day off which never happened.  Lynn was having some major demolition work done on her house and asked if I would take her shift that day, which I did.  She ended up getting a bad cold and took the rest of the week off so on Saturday and went in and did a double shift. Well almost anyway!  I worked the morning until 1:30pm helping to clean, went home for lunch and do the dishes then back to work for my regular afternoon shift from 3-9pm.  Sunday there were only two cleaners instead of four so again worked a bit later than normal.  Came home (sounds funny calling a motorhome our home, but it is!) and got things ready for the arrival of Kevin's Dad, he was coming Monday evening to stay until Friday in one of the cottages.  I also needed to get my stuff together as I was going to my Dad's on the Monday afternoon.

Kevin did manage to get another one of the  things on his to do list done and that was to install the other solar panel.  He had already got it up on the roof of Sherman and hooked up to the house batteries, but he never got it secured down to the roof as he needed a couple of days without rain in the forecast and the time to do it, which he finally found.  So that is done now.

When my Dad picks me up in Perth in the afternoons we usually stop somewhere along the way back to his house to take the dogs for a nice walk.  That particular day we thought we would stop off at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area which is just of the road between Almonte and Pakenham.  When we drove into the parking lot, there was a parking fee station and they wanted $5, which was too much for us just for a half hour walk or so, needless to say we left without stopping.  He remembered there being a park on the other side of the road further down that was along side the Mississippi River (Canadian version).  It had been quite a while since he was there last.  We went down one wrong road, but got the right one the next time.  This park area is in Blakeney.  I've never been to Blakeney and it is only about 25km (15.5mi) away from Galetta where I grew up!  Never knew it was there!  The Mississippi River is the same river that flows in front of my Dad's house and almost two years ago Kevin and I canoed down it from Pakenham which took us several hours.  Anyway here in Blakeney there is a waterfall and rapids and a nice trail taking you to different views of the rapids and sections of the river.  We didn't see the waterfall just because we didn't go over to that area but here is what we did see.

A portion of the Mississippi River looking up river to the rapids

One of the offshoots of the river

Looking up river again

Looking down river

Tuesday evening my Dad and I went to the cheap night at the movies, $5 each and saw "Despicable Me" not a bad movie, had some good laughs, but I enjoyed "Toy Story 3" better.  That must be a record for me.  I haven't seen two movies in two weeks since I think Kevin and I started dating 27 years ago.

Wednesday Dad helped me to recover some of the valances that go over Sherman's living room windows.

Ruth cutting the material

Ruth's Dad taking a quick break for this photo

The finished products

These are done and I have one more to do but we were running out of time, so that one will get completed next time I'm there.  Kevin can only install one at the moment because the two longer ones go over another header that needs to be recovered in a contrasting material that I need to find, maybe I will look for that next week.  Anyways, I at least feel a step closer.

Wednesday night Kevin's Dad took us to the Wok-In for dinner, again a great meal.  His Dad headed back to Ottawa on the train last night (Friday) and Alex our son is arriving sometime tomorrow for a few days, so we are looking forward to seeing him.

Well that pretty much brings us up to date.  Kevin is at work today at the the RV place and I go in for my shift at the office at 3pm so I have been enjoying a restful morning doing some laundry and writing the blog, first time for a while that I feel really relaxed.


  1. WOw you guys have been busy! The valences look nice. Take some photos when they get installed so we can see them in Sherman!
    Just think, in no time you will be heading down again to Mexico and spending all that time relaxing!

  2. Yes, we have been busy! Looking forward to September when things should slow down a bit and we will have a little more time. We are slowing making some progress though.

    We will definitely post pictures when the valances are complete, hopefully that will be soon.

    Just counting down the days to being back on the road, we sure do miss that life.

    Kevin and Ruth


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