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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A bad day in the RV

is still WAY better than a good day at work!

We have friends who are new to the RV'ing world, and they are heading west out of Ontario towards Yukon. They got a bit of a late start considering they're heading north, and they're boldly doing it in an older rig. They've run into their first set of relatively minor problems, and they're starting to question their decisions.

You might be interested in following their journey...

We've had quite a few problems over the last 40,000 km's (25,000 miles) but never once did we regret the decision to buy a motorhome, and just hit the road. We've made some adjustments, and we've done some repairs...and then just carried on. There are FAR more good memories than bad. And many more to come!


  1. Totally agree!!!!
    I can't wait to get on the road myself, just the freedom of being able to say "I dont like it here" and move is going to be refreshing.
    I'll follow their blog too, sounds fun!

  2. Dear Kevin,
    I am a bit confused since I own the blog site and it is listed in your blog site. We are full-timers but not out of Ontario in an older rig. You are welcome to view our blog site, possibly this was an old blog address from 2010, now it is owned by Patty & Steve in 2014.

    1. No need to be confused. Yes, our friends used to own that URL address, but they let it lapse after they learned that one of them wasn't suited to the RV lifestyle!

      Now it's yours.


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