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Friday, July 16, 2010

Weather forecast

On Wednesday, the 5 day forecast said that Saturday and Sunday were going to be clear and sunny, with highs of 26C (79F) and 27C (81F) and 0% (yes, zero percent) chance of precipitation.

Yesterday, they changed that to cloudy with sunny breaks on Saturday, but still nice and clear on Sunday. This morning, they now say Saturday is going to be cloudy with thunderstorms and a 60% chance of rain. Sunday is now partly cloudy.

So how does the forecast go from 0% to 60%. If you are goinjg to forecast zero, that means to me that there is NO chance that it will rain. Then they change it to 60%? How can that be, when they already told me it was zero?

And why do they bother with a forecast beyond tomorrow anyhow? They have a hard time getting tomorrow right, let alone three to five days in advance. In fact, I bet the odds are more that they will be incorrect in a five day forecast than correct. I could probably just guess, without having any knowledge of weather forecasting, and I think I would be right just as often as they are.

So what is it about society's need to know the weather in advance, even if we know the forecast is probably wrong? I don't get it....


  1. Wow, we thought there was only that problem in Alberta!
    We had same "forecast" about the weekend (sunny and hot) and now it's all about rain and wet.
    I wonder which balloon popped?

  2. How do weathermen keep their jobs? It must be the only job you can still get payed for and be wrong so much!

    A thunderstorm went through this afternoon with some heavy winds at times. Hope you had a better day!


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