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Sunday, July 18, 2010


I spent about 2 hours cleaning the interior of the car today. It's just a little car, why would it take 2 hours?! Because it was disgustingly dirty, that's why!

When I owned an auto body and paint shop, I was pretty fussy about my vehicles. Always kept them nice and clean. But all this working during the summer has meant that both Sherman and the little car are suffering! I am looking forward to being able to take some regular days off during the fall to get Sherman reay for going to Mexico. This past week, I worked 49 hours at the RV place, as well as doing my Monday to Friday drive to Perth and back. It's really good for the pocketbook, but it also gets in the way of my free time!

Anyhow, I thought I would show you some pics of vehicles I have owned in the past...

1971 Buick Skylark.
 This is what I owned when I met Ruth. I always wondered if it was the car that sealed the deal.

1983 Mazda RX-7
I restored this car from the ground up. It used to be gold in color. This was a fun car to drive.

This was the RX-7 getting ready for paint!

1986 Mazda 323
This was Ruth's little car. It used to be silver!

1985 Mustang.
This car was actually junk. I bought it for about $500 and put a quicky paint job on it. It looked really good, but it was only a little 4 cylinder engine. Not one of Ford's better ideas.

1974 Chev half ton pickup
I put a lot of effort into this truck. I paid $600 for it, and replaced every exterior body panel. Then I did the engine. I sold it for over $6,000 which is probably about what I had into it! It was a nice truck!

1957 Chev Convertible.
Unfortunately this wasn't mine. But it was my accountant's, and we did some minor work to it. He sold it in 1997 for $40,000. It was one of the very few '57 Chev convertibles that came with every available factory option. I wonder what it would be worth today...?

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