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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Grocery deals

Well I was going to tell you about the K and P Trail, but after shopping today I think that can wait for another post.

Shopping isn't one of my favourite things to do, but if we want to eat we have to shop.  Usually I go through the flyers on line for the grocery stores around us and there are quite a few.  Unless it is a fantastic deal I won't go out of my way to get to one store just for 1 or 2 items, you waste the savings on the food money for gas to get there.  Today I hit 3 stores, one only because it has nice sandwich meat and I was going right by it to get home anyway.

My great deals were on the meat that I bought today.  They were more or less bulk size, especially when you only have a small RV freezer to put it in.  That said, I came back with four packages of meat, as I was buying it I kept saying to myself  "Can I fit this all in the freezer?"

This is how full the freezer was before shopping

 Anyway I came away with Hot Italian Sausages 12 of them for $4.85CAN ($5.49/kg or 2.49/lb), Boneless Pork Loin $10.94CAN ($3.90/kg or 1.77/lb), Cured Back Loin/Bacon $5.61CAN ($4.14/kg or $1.88/lb) and Eye of Round $8.96CAN ($4.14/kg or $1.88/lb). So in total I spent $30.36 on 7.2/kg or 15 1/21b of meat.  After lunch on worked on cutting it all up and packaging into dinner for 2 sized meals or thereabouts.

Here is everything packaged up

I ended up with 2 packs of Cured Back Loin/Bacon for pea soup in the future and 4 pks of 4 slices for my version of egg McMuffins, 3pks of 4 sausages for various meals either BBQ'd or in casseroles, 1 roast porkloin, 2pks of 4 porkchops, 2 pks of cut up pork for stirfry and in the dish is the pork for tonight's kebobs.  Also 1 pk of beef for stew and 2 pks of beef which I will cook up later and then grind up for sheppards pie and in the container is some more cut up beef for some beef curry I will make tonight for dinner tomorrow night, it always tastes better after it has sat for a day.  Not counting the Cured Back Loin/Bacon that makes 13 dinner meals for both Kevin and I and most of the ones that will be made into stews, casseroles etc. I will probably get at least 1 extra serving if not two.  The back bacon will be for lunches, the pea soup in itself will feed us at least for 2 or 3 lunches.  So that will work out to about than $2 per meal, not per person when you factor in the leftovers and the lunches.  Not bad I would say!  This is why we eat in rather that out.

And the big question is did I get it all into the freezer?  Have a look for yourself.

Only just, no room for leftovers though!

And, the final product!

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