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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have to say that even though I am working a lot of hours right now, I do kinda like what I'm doing.

And keeping in mind that I am working a lot of hours because we are going to spend 5 months in Mexico this coming winter!

I like working at this RV place. They let me run the parts department pretty much as if it's my own business. And I can see by the numbers that I have made some worthwhile improvements over the last couple of years. Plus, I get to talk about RV'ing with customers the whole time. I like talking about RV'ing, although our style of it is quite a bit different than most of the people we talk to at work. We sell a lot of travel trailers, and a lot of them go to permanent sites. We like to travel in our motorhome!

And the driving job in the afternoon is nice. It's on a scenic bit of road, and I get to enjoy some time alone. I listen to the radio, either some 50's and 60's music, or some talk radio.

I've had some pretty varied jobs in my career life. During high school, I worked for a couple of years at a restaurent as a bus boy. When I think back, I had a lot of fun at that job. I think I made $2.15 an hour, plus tips. Once, our paychecks were late. I remember making a big fuss as an employee, saying that our employer expected us to be at work on time, why couldn't we be paid on time. That's about as unionized as I ever got as an employee. I am NOT a union person.

I worked in a bank for a while. Main branch, right downtown. I was the very first male teller ever hired by Bank of Montreal in Ottawa. That lasted for about 6 months. Working with a bunch of old ladies was NOT fun. It WAS fun updating the bank books of the little old ladies that would come in once a month to see how much interest they were paid on some of their very large balances. If I would have stayed there, I would probably be a vice president working out of downtown Toronto. Too funny how life's little turns twist your fortunes around.

Then I got into the bodyshop business. I always liked cars. Worked my way up to managing the place, then decided I could do a better job than the owner, so I struck out on my own. Ran a couple of different auto body businesses for the better part of 20 years, then decided that it's a stinky dirty business and that breathing all that dust and fumes can't possibly be good for your health. So I got out of it and never looked back.

Actually, I did look back, I worked at an auto body franchise for 6 months at one point after that. Most boring job I ever had, and working for a couple of the worst business owners I've ever met. Worst 6 months in my working life! Never again.

Then I worked as a contract lease return inspector for GMAC financing. This was a great job, and I loved it. My only communiation with head office was through a laptop with wireless internet, and they let me do my job pretty much on my schedule. I really liked that job, too bad I quit it in order to travel and live in a motorhome.

The thing I don't understand about a lot of people is that they stay for a long time in a job that they hate. Life is FAR too short to do that, even if you're doing it for the money. You can always simplify your lifestyle and find a job that may pay less money, but will be one that you enjoy doing.


  1. funny you say that as I have been in a job I love for many years and recently we got consolidated into another department ... resulted in a job I don't like and accelerated my future retirement by one year...

  2. Being happy with what you do is all important, I will tell anyone that I have been Blessed with jobs I truly enjoyed all my life,4 years flying in the US Navy, then 30 years on the Police Dept, then 7 years as a Chief of police, then 2 years as a Trailways Motor coach driver, loved every minute of it and would do it again. Life is to short to sulk in a job you don't like. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Not many people are lucky enough to be in a job they love, I never was. Well, I liked my job as a claim adjuster at USAA, if the workload hadn't been so heavy.

    It sounds like you have a good thing going. Work 7 months in a job you like and then travel the rest of the year. Nice job if you can get it!

  4. Honestly I think my favorite jobs had to do with serving the public. I liked being a waitress (in a restaurant and a bar) and earning my tips. I had a quick stint as a part time bartender recently and it reminded me how fun it is to deal with the public.

    Good post!

  5. Life is too short, you sometimes have to take the bull by the horns and go with it.

    Heyduke50....Go luck with the house sale and finding the right motorhome, I know you will get what you want, glad you made the decision to retire and fulltime one year earlier.

    Sam and Donna....Glad you enjoyed your jobs it certainly makes life more enjoyable. Sounds like you are having a great time on holiday. I hope Donna is relaxing!

    Karen and Al....Sounds like you are having a great time now. Good luck with you upcoming house sale.

    Wild Blue Yonder....Our daughter Lindsey also enjoyed working as a waitress and bartender. She had lots of fun with it and loved the tips as well. Good luck with you house sale too!

  6. I had a lot of jobs that I enjoyed, even the last one was a lot of fun driving a liftruck, until they put me in an office behind a computer. It was either get a new job or retire. Retirement was the best choice allowing us to be fulltimers, and really enjoy life.

  7. George and Suzie....Glad you choose fulltiming! Keep enjoying life and exploring.

    Kevin and Ruth


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