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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Funny people

I get to talk to some funny people while working at the RV place. The best ones are the people who think that the warranty on their RV should cover things that break due to the owners stupidity. And the various ways they try to spin the story so that it couldn't have been the owners fault...it had to have been a defective part.

I've had two good ones recently. The first one was a table support that was broken. These are the round base plates that mount one on the floor and one on the table with a hollow metal tube as the leg. The base plates are made of white metal, and if you lean on the table it will put pressure on the side of the base plate, and they will snap. We keep them in stock for a reason. They break often. It's really just a poor design for a table, but if you don't lean on the table, they will provide years of trouble free service.

Well this whale of a woman swore up and down that the parts must be defective, saying that all she did was set a turkey on the edge of the table. I didn't ask how big the turkey was. But if it had to feed her and her family, you can bet it was a big one. Not sure how she was cooking it in her trailer oven. This whole situation left me with more questions than I wanted answered. And I don't get it...wouldn't I be more inclined to help someone out who is really nice to me, rather than making it sound like it's my fault that her table support broke. As it was, I gave her a discount on the parts, which only sell for about $8 each. Not sure why I did that.

The next guy bought a trailer and put it at a permanent site. Built a nice deck in front, and had it all set up as a summer place. He built his deck too close to the trailer and right at the base of the lower awning bracket. Opened his awning for the first time this year, and snapped the awning bracket and lower arm bracket in pieces because they hit against the deck when he tried to open the awning. Somehow this must be a manufacturer defect. So he tells me that it opened just fine, and that it broke when he tried to retract the awning into the closed position. The pictures he sent me clearly show the indent in the wood where the awning bracket dug into before bending and snapping. He said he would remove the deck and take more pictures so that I could put in a warranty claim that seemes logical. Ummm. No.

Now he's upset with the dealership because we won't honor his "warranty claim".


  1. Of course a "whale of a woman" broke the table by leaning on it. Or with what would be an extremely large turkey to feed all the other "whales" that you assume live/camp with her. NICE.

  2. ovens are too small for a turkey... lol people will try anything

  3. Funny and typical now days, unfortunately.
    But I do have to add that turkeys can be cooked in roasters rather than an oven. We never use an oven.

  4. I can't figure out which one was the turkey....rotfl


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