Out for a hike above the Guadalcacin Reservoir, Spain.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Arcos de la Frontera, Spain.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

San Cristobal

Friday January 30…11:00pm

As we figured, we had absolutely no problems last night. When we woke up, Max the dog was lying with one eye open on the vestibule of Keenan and Jeff’s tent in between our motorhome and Bill and Bonnie's truck camper. Max did a good job protecting us!

Max keeping guard on Keenan and Jeff

Keenan and Jeff in front of Sherman ready to continue their "Ride for Hope"

Keenan and Jeff went to look at the falls, and came back disappointed because the blue water had turned all brown and muddy. We think they must have opened a dam, or maybe they had a heavy rainfall higher up because the water level was higher too.

A very muddy looking Cascadas de Aqua Azul

We left Agua Azul at 9am. It was only going to be about 160 kms to San Cristobal, but we knew it was going to be slow driving, so we wanted a fairly early start. Good thing too, because it took us 5 ½ hours to do that 160 kms.

It was a beautiful drive, but very twisty and windy, with lots of topes. We climbed from 750 feet at Palenque the other day to 6,500 feet at San Cristobal. Sherman handled it just fine though. It was very slow going, but not stressful at all. The road is in overall good condition, with a few sections under repair where we had to go into the other lane to avoid broken down pieces of pavement on our side. Lots of topes, and you have to almost come to a complete stop to get over them. Very few big trucks though, so that was nice. Overall, we think that the Mazatlan-Durango road we did last year was more “dangerous” if you could call it that. And, we found today's drive much better than the drive around Tampico!

A view along the road from Aqua Azul to San Cristobal

We thought Bill and Bonnie had problems, but a Mexican family flagged them down because they wanted to buy their RV!

More scenery

More scenery

The scenery was worth it though…I wish it had been a clear blue sky, but it was cloudy and a bit hazy. Beautiful hills and valleys with coffee bean plants and corn growing on the sides of the hills. And the womens clothing was interesting too…every village is a little different. The larger towns of Ocosingo and Oxchuk were not worthwhile…we didn’t even stop.

Still more scenery

We’re parked at an RV spot behind a small hotel for 220 pesos ($20.00 CAN, $16.25 US) per night including full hookups and internet. And, it’s very close to downtown. It’s a bit expensive for us, but there aren’t any other choices here for an actual campground and we arrived too late to want to worry about finding somewhere for free. Maybe during our wandering around tomorrow we’ll spot something else.

Sherman parked up at Hotel Bonampak

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…464

January Fuel $180.50 CAN

January Grocery $218.62 CAN

January Overnight costs $161.36 CAN

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