Out for a hike above the Guadalcacin Reservoir, Spain.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Arcos de la Frontera, Spain.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Heading towards Seville, Spain.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Calderitas (day 6)

Friday January 16…10:00pm

Another overcast day. It didn’t rain at all, but we didn’t see the sun at all either.

Steve and Glen decided to do their backpacking trip. Kathe drove them to the tourist office to get their tourist card problem fixed, and then they were to carry on to Belize by bus. So they have left their motorhome here with us at Kathe’s, and will be back in about 2 weeks. We will be gone by then, but they will hopefully catch up to us around San Cristobal or Tuxtla Gutierrez and then we will continue on to the Pacific coast.

There is the Mayan ruins site of Oxtankah about 4 km’s north of here, so Ruth and I hopped on the bikes and rode over there. With it being overcast and only about 22C, it was actually a nice day to wander around there. The Oxtankah ruins are a fairly small site, nothing special to see, except that it was one of the first settlements visited by the Spanish back in the 1600’s and there is the ruins of a Spanish church there as well, which makes it kind of different.

Ruth at the ruins of the Spanish colonial church at Oxtankah

Got back at around 1pm, and had some lunch and played a few games of Yahtzee. Then we had a nap, and played some backgammon. Ruth beat me 4-2, and my losing streak in just about everything continued. Although we did have one game of two handed canasta that I won.

We each had a bath in the “pond”. It’s a fresh water stream that comes from underground and the water has been walled off into a pond. It’s a really nice little spot, and certainly the most different bathing facility we’ve ever used!

Our bathing pond at Kathe's

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…450

January Fuel $ 45.50 CAN

January Grocery $ 92.01 CAN

January Overnight costs $ 87.36 CAN

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