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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Xpu-Ha Beach (day 6)

Thursday January 8…10:15pm

Ruth, Whiskey, and I went to the beach this morning. Ruth likes a little spot down where the abandoned resort is. They still have palapas on the beach for shade, and Whiskey likes to dig herself a cool spot in the sand and go to sleep.

So we sat there for an hour or two, and I had brought the swimming mask. I went into the water to do some snorkelling, and Whiskey thought she might like to get her feet wet too! I stayed in for quite a while looking at the various fish. The water was very warm, and I had no problem staying in for quite a while! Afterwards, we went back to Sherman and had some lunch.

Whiskey and Kevin going swimming

A sand crab

After lunch, Glen wanted to make use of our internet connection, and at the same time looked after Whiskey while Ruth and I hopped on the bikes to take a ride into Puerto Aventuras. This is a mostly American tourist community on the beach just a little north of here. It’s pretty pricey, and you might as well be in the US. In fact, the main tourist attraction in Puerto Aventuras is the “swim with the dolphins” deal, and it only accepts payment in US dollars. I don’t understand this…I mean if Corona sells a beer in the US, do they want payment in pesos? No. And by the same token, this is Mexico, and I think all payments for anything you buy should be in pesos. Anyhow, this didn’t stop the lineups of people from paying a minimum of $69 US to swim with the dolphins. And many paid up to $199 US for a more “exciting” package.

Puerto Aventuras
Meanwhile, Ruth and I didn’t pay even a peso to stand and watch all the people swim with the dolphins. I have to admit, the dophins are amazingly intelligent animals. And very interesting to watch. But I think I got as much value out of watching, as the people who paid big buks to actually do it. But, each to their own.

The people who paid to swim with the dolphins

The dolphins are very smart, and arrange themselves on either side of the swimmer

This guy is doing a foot stand, for which he paid about $40US extra for a 5 second event!

So, we did a 18 km bike ride today, in the hot sun. But we drank lots of water, and it was a little more interesting than just hanging out on the beach, which isn’t really a bad thing!

We may stay here just a day or three more, and then it will be time to head further south to Chetumal, which is at the border to Belize.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…442

January Fuel $ 0.00 CAN

January Grocery $ 92.01 CAN

January Overnight costs $ 0.00 CAN

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