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Friday, January 2, 2009

Sacbe (day 2)

Friday January 2…9:30pm

We had a great sleep last night. We got up at about 7:30am, and we could hear that Lynn already had neighbours visiting for coffee.

She had said that she normally has the coffee pot on for that time, and we should come in and visit then. So we met Tom and his wife who are living in a treehouse. They invited us over to have a look at it later. Then, they left and Bill and Jackie came for a visit. This is a couple from Maryland who bought a small lot here and had a place built over the summer. They only come down for the winter, and head back to Maryland during the summer. They also invited us to view their new place.

As I said yesterday, these places are very basic. But so liveable. Their bed hangs from the rafters which support a ceiling made of grass There are no windows, but it is entirely open, with only bug netting keeping out the elements. Their fridge and stove both run on propane, and they have solar panels and batteries for lights and water pumps. I don’t think anybody here owns a television, but they do have internet access.

The tree house was really neat. It is so cool. They designed it based on the tree house village in the last Star Wars movie. It wasn’t totally finished yet, but it will be over the next few months. They’re living in it while they’re working on it.

Somebody lives in a treehouse in the is so cool!

A group of them decided today would be a beach day, so around noon we all piled into three cars and left for the beach. Lynn said this would be a good opportunity to check out the area for other spots to park overnight in the motorhomes close to the beach. There were two campgrounds there…one was fully booked and we couldn’t have fit into anyhow because it was geared towards tents and very small units. The other one was pretty crowded, however the owner was really friendly and said that if we showed up early tomorrow morning he would find us a space to park without services for 120 pesos ($10.92 CAN, $8.85 US) or $10.00 US per night. Of course we will choose to pay the “pesos” price. It’s a little bit crowded for parking, but while the beach itself is crowded in spots, there are a lot of very quiet areas and it’s beautiful. Lots of places to walk Whiskey, and she is allowed on the beach without a problem.

Visiting the beach at Xpu-Ha

Whiskey digs herself a hole in the sand under the towel

An abandoned resort that was damaged in hurricane Wilma in 2005

So while we are enjoying our spot in the jungle outside Lynn’s casa, we will drive another 40 minutes south tomorrow morning and spend a few days on the beach. Lynn says she’ll come and visit us there, so that will be nice.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…436

January Fuel $ 0.00 CAN

January Grocery $ 8.89 CAN

January Overnight costs $ 0.00 CAN

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