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Monday, January 19, 2009

Calderitas (day 9)

Monday January 19…10:00pm

Another beautiful day. Sunny, and 26C (78F).

Ruth did a couple more pieces of hand laundry. She finds that even though she despises doing laundry by hand, it’s not too bad if you just do a couple of pieces per day. Then, she went and gave Kathe a haircut.

We decided to take our bikes all the way into Chetumal. There’s a coastal road that goes about 10 km’s the whole way from Calderitas, it’s two lanes in each direction, and there’s hardly any traffic on it. We made it to downtown, and were thinking of going to the Mayan Cultural Museum, which is supposed to be quite good. But it’s closed on Mondays! We had read this at some point, but had forgotten all about it.

Along the coast road to Chetumal from Calderitas. Building a monument of some kind

Kathe had told us about a good spot to have lunch. Mi Viejo restaurant serves a regional specialty called Ceviche. We had the mixed dish version of this…shrimp, octopus, and two other things we never figured out, mixed up with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lots of lime juice. It’s served cold, much like a seafood salad. They also gave us a sort of seafood consomme appetizer, with lots of nacho chips, and then the main course came. We had ordered a medium plate, and Kathe had told us that if we shared it, there would be enough for two. And there was…we couldn’t finish it all. Overall, it’s not something we would order again. It was good, but there was just too much of it, and I found the lime juice to be a little overpowering towards the end. Total bill, including a 20 peso tip, came to 140 pesos ($12.74 CAN, $10.35 US).

Our lunch!

So then we rode over to the zoo, but it also was closed on Mondays. Oh well. Made it back to Maricasa (the name of Kathe’s property here) at about 3:10pm, having done a total of about 30km’s on the bikes.

After supper, we went to Kathe’s for coffee and tea, and played a word card game called Quiddler.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…453

January Fuel $ 45.50 CAN

January Grocery $ 144.91 CAN

January Overnight costs $ 87.36 CAN

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