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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Calderitas (day 12)

Thursday January 22…8:30pm

We got up at 6am. The weather forecast must have been pretty close, because it was 14C (60F) inside the motorhome when we got up. It did end up a nice sunny day, but only a high of about 22C (71F).

We left the motorhome promptly at 7am, and after a one hour bike ride, arrived right on time for my 8am dentist appointment. Unfortunately, the dentist wasn’t ready for me! He said he didn’t have everything he needed, and asked if we could we come back about 12 noon. I guess we didn’t have a lot of choice, so we figured we’d go up to the zoo for a couple of hours. We went to the shopping centre first to waste a bit of time, although it was still closed. We did wander around the big Chedraui grocery store for a while, then headed to the zoo which was supposed to open at 9am. But we got there, and were told that the zoo is closed for about 3 months for renovations. Oh well!

So we went downtown and were finally able to check out the Mayan Cultural Museum in Chetumal. It’s not bad, but I was a little disappointed that many of the Mayan artifacts in this museum are reproductions, and that the originals are in the Archealogical Museum in Mexico City.

We stopped at the same inexpensive lunch stand where we had bought the empanadas with Steve and Glen last week. Once again, we had 3 empenadas each for a grand total of 20 pesos ($1.82 CAN, $1.45 US), including tip. The girl serving us has been learning English, and she seemed proud to be able to show it off. And really, her English was much better than our Spanish!

Went back to the dentist, and finished up with him. I am very pleased with his work, and I have never felt better about my teeth! I will have a hard time justifying ever paying any money to a Canadian dentist again.

By the time we made it back to Maricasa, it was about 1:45pm and we had done 42 km’s on the bikes…our legs were a bit tired! And Whiskey hadn’t been out all day, so we had to take her for a little walk.

We went for supper at Kathe’s where she also had a neighbour friend, Lupita, and an American friend Paul as other dinner guests.

Not sure yet, but we’re thinking we might hit the road again in a day or two. It’s been nice here at Kathe’s, but it’s time to move on. Our next destination is the ruins at Palenque, about 450 km’s west of here.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…456

January Fuel $ 45.50 CAN

January Grocery $ 144.91 CAN

January Overnight costs $ 87.36 CAN

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