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Monday, January 12, 2009

Calderitas (day 2)

Monday January 12…10:30pm

We did have a great sleep last night! Didn’t hear a thing.

We are about 3 km’s from the town of Calderitas, so we hopped on our bikes this morning. There is an RV park in the town, and so we stopped in to see if there was anybody there that we know. We did say hi to a couple of big rigs that we had met in the parking lot in Campeche last month. They said this RV park is expensive, wanting 350 pesos ($31.85 CAN, $27.00 US) per night. They said they arranged a “deal” for 3 nights at 270 pesos ($24.57 CAN, $21.00 US) per night. It is a nice enough looking place, with a nice swimming pool, hot showers, and internet, but still very expensive by Mexican standards.

We rode further on, taking the coast road back towards Chetumal. But we didn’t go very far, because we had already felt a couple of drops of rain, and we could see very dark clouds in the distance. So we rode back to Kathe’s, and about 10 minutes after we got back, it started pouring rain.

Looking out the window of Sherman

Kathe has satellite internet here, but because her house in solar powered, she usually only turns the internet on twice per day. So when we got on for a few minutes, we had an email from S&G saying that they were leaving Tulum this morning, and should arrive at Kathe’s this afternoon. And they pulled in here at around 2:30pm.

It rained on and off for the rest of the day, so we stayed in and played cards. Had S&G over for spaghetti dinner.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…446

January Fuel $ 45.50 CAN

January Grocery $ 92.01 CAN

January Overnight costs $ 87.36 CAN

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