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Saturday, January 31, 2009

San Cristobal (day 2)

Saturday January 31…8:30pm

We relaxed this morning while Bill tried to sort out their lack of internet. We’re parked side by side, and I can get on the internet just fine, while neither of their laptops will connect properly.

Funny thing is, my external high gain antenna will NOT let me connect, yet my internal one with the weak signal get hooked up just fine. We were talking to a German couple staying here and they said the guy at the desk has to input a special code or something into your laptop. Doesn’t make any sense to me that mine works as is though. Bill has a satellite internet dish, and he finally got frustrated enough with the hotels wifi that he proceeded to set up his portable satellite dish. That didn’t work either, so they remain frustrated!

Finally at around noon the four of us got enough ambition to take a taxi into town. It cost 20 pesos ($1.85 CAN, $1.50 US) for the maybe 3 km cab ride. We wandered around some of the churches in town. Many date from the 1700’s and the architecture is amazing. We went to an artistry market where you can buy some really cheap authentic clothing. We simply didn’t need anything, although Ruth almost bought some placemats and napkins. There were six of each and we bartered the lady down from 85 pesos to 70 pesos, but we were only willing to pay 60 pesos. Maybe we’ll see some more tomorrow.

San Cristobal Cathedral

A church way up a hill

View half way up the hill...we didn't go all the way...

A dog, who sleeps on the roof!

In the town

Having lunch...Bill, Ruth, and Bonnie

A feast for lunch!

Another church

Very intricate details on this church!

Then we walked across the downtown area to the fruit and vegetable market. It was really something…all different kinds of produce. Most of the stands are run by the local indigenous people. The women wear very colourful clothing, most of it hand made. We bought a pineapple, 4 onions, and a cucumber for a total of 23 pesos ($2.10 CAN, $1.70 US).

Lots of different beans for sale at the market

The fruit and vegetable is huge

Now my internet is not working properly! We already have a hard time justifying the 220 pesos to camp here, and I just finished reading where one Rver had parked in the lot of the Chedraui store across the road for free…maybe we’ll do that tomorrow night!

January was a cheap month! If not for my dental work, it would have been the cheapest month to date, even though our overnighting costs were fairly high.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…465

January Fuel $180.50 CAN

January Grocery $220.72 CAN

January Overnight costs $181.36 CAN

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