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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hiawatha, Kansas

Wednesday October 29…9:00pm

We did have a great nights sleep, and it never did get any colder than it was yesterday evening.

Saw gas today for $1.99 US per gallon (0.634 CAN per litre!). Didn’t need to buy any yet, but from what I’m seeing online we’ll be filling up at this price sometime during our travels through Kansas or Oklahoma.

We drove most of today on a fairly new 4 lane highway. There wasn’t really a logical back road route to get to where we wanted to go, so instead we made good time on the main road. Fortunately it wasn’t a busy highway. We planned on getting to Cameron, Missouri. When we got there, we stopped at the Walmart for a couple of grocery items, and briefly considered staying there for the night. But the parking lot was not very level, and there was nowhere for internet access. So we continued through town. We passed the local police station, so I stopped and asked if they had a municipal campground. They said no, and I asked about parking at the local ball park facility. They said they didn’t have a problem, but I would have to run over to city hall to make sure it was okay. I did that (right across the street), and everything was approved. We got to the ball park and found out that the parking lot there wasn’t anywhere close to level either.

We decided that some things just weren’t meant to be and so we continued on to Hiawatha, Kansas. This is where we are booked for a tour of Hemisphere GPS…a manufacturer of global positioning equipment for farmers.

We found a beautiful spot at the Hiawatha baseball fields, and will have a very peaceful night.

Sunset at Hiawatha, Kansas

Sherman parked for the night at the Hiawatha Ball Park

Hiawatha, Kansas is as far west as we will travel. From here, we head south!

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…373

October Fuel $433.11

October Grocery $328.05

October Overnight costs $ 15.00

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