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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Tirana Airport, Albania.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hiawatha, Kansas (day 2)

Thursday October 30…11:00pm

We went for our tour of Hemisphere GPS at 10:30am. They invited us for lunch as they were having their staff chili cook off today. There
were 8 different pots of chili to taste and you had to grade them as to which one was hottest, wimpiest, most unique, and overall best. Then they had lots of plates of dessert as well. We were lucky to show up on the day we did.

One of the people we had lunch with pointed us to a local mechanic in town who had a look at our brakes this afternoon. He was of the opinion that they just needed bleeding, so tried that first. The front brakes were fine, but the rear bleeding screws were siezed and they both snapped off. This doesn’t cause any further problems with the brakes…we still have the same braking power we had before…but it now means we definitely need rear brake cylinders. Which is what I thought we needed to begin with. But because we’re in a small town, he didn’t want to get started on changing them without knowing he had the parts handy. And because we’re just before a weekend he thought we might end up stuck here until he gets the parts Monday or Tuesday. He suggested we go to a larger centre to try and get the job done Friday or even wait until we are further south on Monday or Tuesday. We still have decent brakes…they’re just not as good as they should be.

It was a very nice day today, with a high around 73F (22C). We are parked back up at the ball diamond and did BBQ hamburgers for supper.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…374

October Fuel $433.11

October Grocery $328.05

October Overnight costs $ 15.00

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