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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monticello, Indiana

Saturday October 25…9:30pm

Didn’t have the best sleep at the Elkhart Walmart. We were parked near a bunch of recycling bins, and the truck that came to empty them showed up in time to wake us up way before we should have been awake. Oh well, that’s the problem with overnighting at Walmarts…you never know what kind of night it’s going to be.

Got going about 9:30am and headed south. If we were to venture any further west from Elkhart we’d have been getting into the built up areas surrounding Chicago, and we have no ambition to be doing that! So we went south about 75 miles, towards Logansport, Indiana and then headed west from there. Along the way, I saw a tire shop and stopped in. One of our front wheels had developed a shimmy and I wanted to get the front tires rotated with the spare, and then balanced. It had to be charged at the “heavy truck” rate, but they were quick and there was no tax. Including doing an inner patch on one tire, it came to $85. About what I expected.

Got to talking to the guy doing the tire work. He was about 25 years old, and obviously a country boy. He noticed our licence plate and asked if we were from Canada. He said he’d never been there, and asked what it was like. I was tempted to tell him that we all lived in igloos, but I think he would have believed me! I showed him what a Canadian $20 bill looks like, and he went around the shop showing our funny money to the others working there.

So Sherman goes down the road nice and smooth now.

We stopped at France County Park near Logansport. The guy running the entrance booth was really nice and when we said all we wanted to do was take our dog for a walk, he said the charge was normally $1.50 each, but if we promised to come back and visit sometime, he’d let us in for free. And it was a nice park…we’d go back if ever passing through. $13 a night for an unserviced campsite was a little pricey, but they did have some nice hiking trails, and it’s kind of picturesque.

Ruth in front of the waterfall at France County Park near Logansport Indiana

Waterfall at France County Park near Logansport Indiana

Couldn’t find a decent overnighting spot in Monticello, Indiana, so we are Walmarting it for the second straight night. This Walmart has a better parking area though, so we should get a decent night sleep. Went in and picked up a few grocery items while here.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…369

October Fuel $219.95

October Grocery $298.19

October Overnight costs $ 0

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