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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gibson City, Illinois

Sunday October 26…10:00pm

That’s 10:00pm Central time. We went through a time zone today, and so our clocks went back an hour. So it feels like 11:00pm as I write this.

It was spitting rain as we got on the road this morning, but after driving for a half hour or so it cleared up. As it cleared up though, it started getting windy.

This part of Indiana and crossing the border into Illinois is all big farm country. Thousands of acres of corn, as far as you can see. So we didn’t see much other than that. Drove for 2 hours and only saw corn!

Our destination was Gibson City, Illinois. I had seen on the internet that this town has a full hookup campground run by the town for only $10 a night, with washrooms and hot showers. The only drawback was that it only has 4 campsites. So we figured that they might all be taken. As we approached, we saw that the campground was under renovation, and you couldn’t use any of the sites. There was a notice there saying campers were to pick up the key for the shower room at the police station a few blocks away, so we headed up there to ask if there was anywhere else in town that would be suitable to spend the night. The officer on duty said we were welcome to park beside the washroom building at the campground, but because they were enlarging the campground from 4 sites to 9 sites we would have to leave if we were in the workmens way in the morning. And because there would be no services, he wouldn’t charge us and we could stay for free.

Gibson City campground closed for renovations

The spot we were told we could park overnight for free

So we parked up and noticed an electric outlet on the side of the building, which we happily plugged into. Not really needing electrcity because we have solar, but now we can use our little electric heater for warmth this evening, and we were able to watch Amazing Race on the internet this evening!

Ruth holding the key tags for the showers. They don't want you to lose them...

Now that we are in Illinois, we will try and stop at the State Parks here because I read online that they do not charge a day use fee in this state.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…370

October Fuel $317.11

October Grocery $298.19

October Overnight costs $ 0

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