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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Port Glasgow Marina

Wednesday October 22…9:30pm

Woke up around 8am and got on the road right away. We headed first to the barn where Ruth’s sister Lesley looks after some horses. Saw the horses, and filled up our fresh water tank while we were there.

Drove on the backroads through some nice farm country. Stopped in the town of Princeton for breakfast and took Whiskey for a walk around their community park.

Had to get on highway 401 which is the main throughway running between Toronto and Detroit. A very busy highway, with alot of heavy truck traffic. Fortunately, we only had to make it as far as London, where our side road turned south towards Lake Erie. At our turnoff, there’s a giant “Flying J” truck stop. These are very common in the US, and are usually located next to the busy interstate highways. They have special facilities for truckers, and even have special fuel lanes for RV’s and motorhomes where you can get fuel, put air in tires, and dump your holding tanks all in one stop. Unfortunately, their fuel was expensive, so we just took advantage of the free dump station to empty our waste tanks.

Highway 3 that runs along the north side of Lake Erie is very nice. We took a side road down to John Pearce Provincial Park. It’s just a day use park, and the facilities are closed but we were able to go for a walk there.

Sherman at the entrance to John Pearce Provincial Park

I was perusing Google Maps the other day and had spotted what looked like a small marina along the shore of Lake Erie. It looked like it may be a great overnight spot, so I had loaded the directions into our GPS unit. Sure enough, it’s pretty much deserted for the winter and so that is where we are parked up. Really nice view of the lake, and we’re parked right on the shore. It’s become very windy though, and it’s definitely cold outside. But it was a bright sunny day today and our new solar panels have left our batteries nicely charged so have lots of power to run the furnace this evening.

Sherman parked for the night at the Port Glasgow Marina

View of Lake Erie out our side window at Port Glasgow Marina

Played some backgammon this evening…I beat Ruth 2 out of 3, but that only makes up for the other night when she beat me!

Into the state of Michigan tomorrow!

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…366

October Fuel $ 86.35

October Grocery $246.32

October Overnight costs $ 0

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  1. Just linked to this post. Clan McEachran is planning their 90th reunion at Port Glasgow up on the cliff above the the Old Boys Park. I borrow your post and a photo to help fill in the timeline on facebook page.


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