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Saturday, October 18, 2008

On the road again!

Saturday October 18…8:00pm

We are finally back on the road!

Given that we now have one complete year of full time motorhome living behind us, we’re going to try and implement some standards into our lifestyle.

Most of all, we don’t want to drive more than 200 km’s (120 miles) per day. That isn’t to say that some days we won’t drive 300 km’s or maybe even 400 km’s, but we want those kind of drives to be few and far between. And of course some days we won’t drive at all!

In keeping with that, we left Ruth’s parents just after lunch. Knowing that we only wanted to drive a couple of hundred km’s, we had scouted out a nice boondocking spot in Marmora, Ontario when Ruth and I had driven back and forth to Toronto a few weeks ago. They have a nice little parking area by the river where there is a boat ramp, and it looked like a perfect place for an overnighter.

On the way to Marmora, we stopped at Sharbot Lake Provincial Park. The parks are officially closed at this time of year, but you are allowed to walk or bicycle in “at your own risk”. So we parked at the entrance gates and took Whiskey for a walk. She honestly seems happy to be back on the road in the motorhome again. She knows she gets a lot more walks in a lot of different places, and she seems to enjoy that.

Going for a walk at Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

We made it into Marmora at about 4:15pm and did a little grocery shopping at the “Value-Mart”. Only got the necessities because it’s a little more expensive here than it will be at a bigger store the other side of Toronto.

Got parked up by the river, and Ruth made a Shepherds Pie for supper. Nice to have the oven on, because it’s supposed to go down to -1C (30F) tonight so it helps keep us warm. Then, we took Whiskey for a walk around town before heading in to do the dishes and try to find the Red Sox game on the radio.

Parked up for the night at Marmora, Ontario

Tomorrow we’ll head to Dundas, Ontario (near Hamilton) where we are going to visit Ruth’s sister for a day or two.

Total nights sleeping in a motorhome…362

October Fuel $ 36.35 (Note: Gas is now cheaper than when we originally left Ottawa 1 year ago!)

October Grocery $158.32

October Overnight costs $ 0

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