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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Levis, Quebec

Saturday August 16…11:00pm

Finally had a nice day today! Sunny, with some cloudy breaks and temp about 24C. It was windy though.
The solar panel deal at Walmart didn’t come together. They were non negotiable on their $85 each price tag, so I passed. With having to pay the high retail sales tax and GST here, I’ll either find a used one along the way or buy new in the States.

Made it to the Walmart store in Levis, Quebec. There’s a ferry here that takes you across the river to historic old Quebec City. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get over there tomorrow. We have Whiskey with us, and she’s allowed on the ferry, but she’s not allowed on the city bus. The Walmart is about 5 km’s from the ferry dock. So when we got parked up at Walmart, I rode my bike down to the ferry dock to find out about parking Sherman nearby. It turns out there is parking right at the ferry, and it costs $20 to park a motorhome for 24 hours…and they don’t care if you sleep in it. So we think what we’ll do is head down there early tomorrow morning before there’s any traffic because it’s a kind of a zoo down there with all the tourists about. Then, we can hop on the ferry and walk around Quebec for the day. Hopefully the weather will be nice again.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…299

August Fuel $ 580.08

August Grocery $ 294.05

August Overnight Costs $ 0

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