The U.S.S. Enterprise in Vulcan, Alberta.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Jasper, Alberta on Friday.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chandler, Quebec

Tuesday August 12…9:45pm

We left Campbellton and crossed the big bridge to the beginning of the Gaspe region of Quebec. First thing we wanted to do was to stop at the tourist info place on the other side of the bridge, but we forgot that the time changed back an hour, so we got there a bit before it opened. Waited till 9am, and grabbed a few maps and tour books of the region we will be travelling through.

Once again, it’s overcast with bits of drizzle throughout the day. We only stopped a couple of times, and it still took us about 5 hours to do the 200 km’s to our destination of Chandler, Quebec.

The first 150 km’s or so I wasn’t expecting it to be as built up as it was. One town blends into the next, and although the speed limit is 80 to 90 km’s/h, you feel it’s a bit too fast through some of the residential sections that the main road goes through. And there was a fair bit of road and bridge construction, so that slowed things down in spots as well. It’s a good thing we’re not in a rush anyhow. Have yet to see any great scenery, but hopefully that will start when we get to the Perce area. Plus, it doesn’t help that the weather hasn’t been very nice either. Today, the high was 16, and it’s pouring rain right now. Not supposed to be much better tomorrow.

We stopped for lunch in the town of Bonaventure, and also took Whiskey for a walk.

Catholic church architecture in Bonaventure Quebec

Shoreline ship yard

Gaspe south shore view

When we made it to Chandler, and drove down the beach road looking for a parking spot. There were a couple of areas, but they seemed too close to other houses, so we headed to the marina. I used the free internet there for a bit while Ruth walked with Whiskey towards the wharf area where the ferry ship stops when it comes from Montreal before heading to the Magdelan Islands. She came back and said that it looked like a nice parking spot was along the road leading to the wharf.

So that’s where we are parked up. We have another beautiful view of the water and the wharf out one window, and old fuel storage tanks out the other. Obviously we just close the blind on one window!

Headed for Perce Rock tomorrow.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…295

August Fuel $ 341.92

August Grocery $ 285.14

August Overnight Costs $ 0

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