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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rexton, New Brunswick

Sunday August 10…9:15pm

It took us a couple of hours this morning to get everything stowed away and ready for the road. As I expected, Sherman fired right up, and was good to go.

The fuel situation was a pretty low though, but even though the guage read empty, I knew there was enough gas in there to go another 160 km`s (100 miles) or so. The tank holds 228 litres (60 US gallons) and when we stopped to fill up near the Confederation Bridge at Borden we put in 198 litres…so there is quite a reserve there even when the guage reads empty. That`s the most gas we`ve ever put in at one time…at $1.276 per litre the total was $253.39.

It cost $41.50 to cross the Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick. They have a bit of a goofy way of charging people. It is totally free to cross over into PEI, whether you take the bridge or you take the ferry on the eastern part of PEI from Nova Scotia. You only pay when you leave the island. But if you leave from the ferry it costs about $65 compared to only $41.50 if you use the bridge. And it doesn`t matter if you used the ferry to come and the bridge to return, as we did. I dunno, but you have to assume that it took a full staff of bureaucrats in the government to come up with that lack of logic.

The bridge crossing was uneventful, and we headed north east to Murray Beach Provincial Park. They wanted a $7 day use fee, so we just parked in the visitor area and walked into the park with Whiskey. It`s a nice enough park with a nice beach, and the camping area was maybe 40% full. We had our lunch there and then drove north along Highway 11 towards Miramichi and Bathurst. We decided to get off the highway and take a side route into the village of Rexton. The GPS told us to go one way, but we turned the opposite way thinking there might be a better overnight spot for us to park for free. As we drove we realized we had actually turned heading south again, which is NOT what we wanted to do. With gas the price that it is, I hate making mistakes in direction for no reason. Not a big deal, but we still probably wasted $5 worth of gas. Anyhow, we went back into the village of Rexton, and found a nice paved lot at the United church where we are parked up for the night.

Shoreline at Murray Beach Provincial Park, New Brunswick

3 mast memorial at Rexton, New Brunswick

Parked up for the night at St. Andrews United Church, Rexton, New Brunswick

We had our supper, and took Whiskey for a walk around the village. There`s a sort of monument built into the shoreline here to commemorate the fact that Rexton used to be the second largest ship building centre in New Brunswick back in the 1800`s. It`s an interesting thing..from a distance, it looks like a beached tall ship, but when you get closer you realize that it`s just 3 masts that the`ve built into the sand with a fence around to make it look like a ship.

Tomorrow, we plan on driving up to Bathurst area and then crossing the ferry from Dalhousie into Quebec.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…293

August Fuel $ 253.39

August Grocery $ 155.50

August Overnight Costs $ 0


  1. Rexton is where my ancestors came to from Scotland , have visited many times , enjoyed seeing these picture , thank you

    1. Enjoyed our short overnight stay in Rexton, a very pretty place. Glad that you enjoyed the memories.


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