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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Madeleine-Centre, Quebec

Wednesday August 13…11:00pm

It poured with rain most of last night. Woke up this morning to a bit of sun though, and so Ruth went out for a run while I did some internet. After, we went for a walk out to the wharf. There’s a small
vacation ship/ferry in port today that comes from Magdelan Islands, docks in Chandler for a few hours and then heads to Montreal. Just as we started heading back we saw some more storm clouds coming, and just made it back to Sherman when it started raining again.

Chandler, Quebec

Ferry at Chandler wharf

We made it to Perce Rock, and stopped for a walk at the outlook. It was fairly busy with tourists looking at the view of the rock, but we found a path leading to a lighthouse that wasn’t marked and so nobody else was around. When we actually drove into the town of Perce, it was really busy. This spot is definitely where the tourists hang out. We didn’t stop there, but continued driving to Gaspe. It’s a pretty little town right near the entrance to Forillon National Park. We stopped for lunch and made the decision not to take the route through the park as it would have added another 30 km’s and our parks pass had expired at the end of July, so we wouldn’t have been able to stop for a hike without paying for a day pass, which would have been about $17.

Perce Rock

Perce Rock

Perce Rock

Coast near Perce Rock, with Bonaventure Island in the distance

Perce Rock

Lighthouse near Perce

View near Perce

View near Perce

The southern route of the Gaspe from Campbellton NB to Perce Quebec I found to be very dull. For the most part, you are driving through sections where there are houses on either side of the road and the coastline is disrupted because of that. Really, it wasn’t what I expected, and wouldn’t recommend this part of the trip as it is not scenic. However, starting at the town of Perce, and the Perce Rock, the views and coastline become much more attractive.

We had a bit of a hard time finding somewhere to park for the night. We tried the only campground in the town of Grande-Vallee but the lady there wanted $28 cash (no other form of payment accepted) and was not negotiable, despite the fact that her campground was almost empty. Sorry, she won’t get our business with that attitude. Her campground can stay empty! This was also the only town where there were “No camping” (in French) signs anywhere that it looked like a good spot. Guaranteed that woman had something to do with those signs. And so we drove on. Found a Catholic church in the town of Madeleine Centre, and we went and asked at the house next door if we could park there for the night and one of the older children spoke English pretty good…he said it would be no problem. So we have a beautiful view of the water, although we’re fairly close to the road. With our binoculars we can see some whales playing in the distance.

Town of Grande Vallee very pretty (not RV friendly)

***Update August 14*** We were mentioned in the New York Times this morning. They did an article on people who live in their RV's, and the reporter was looking for comments. I sent mine in, and out of the probably hundreds of replies, she picked mine! Too bad she got it wrong on the dates. We've been living in the RV since October 2007, not 1997!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…296

August Fuel $ 341.92

August Grocery $ 285.14

August Overnight Costs $ 0

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