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Monday, August 11, 2008

Campbellton, NB

Monday August 11…10:35pm

Sure enough, we had a very peaceful nights sleep parked at the church in Rexton. Until about 6:20am, anyhow. Then, 2 seagulls were having a contest to see which one of them could squawk the loudest and longest without taking a break. It was one of those situations where you’re lying in bed figuring
they’ve got to stop any minute….but they don’t. So eventually, we got up and made tea and coffee. Of course as soon as we got up…they stopped. Oh well, so we had an early start to the day.

We drove into the town of Richibucto, only about 5 minutes further on. Found a good internet connection to check emails, and then headed north on Highway 11 to Bathurst. That is a very boring drive. The highway is lined with trees and fencing to keep the moose off the roadway. And of course it rained on and aff the whole way. When we got to Bathurst we did a grocery shop, and I bought a couple of used paperbacks at the SPCA bookstore. And, we filled up with gas again because once we get into Quebec the price will be higher. Actually, got a bit of a deal on the gas because the grocery store had a deal on where if you buy $100 worth of food, they give you a coupon good for 10 cents a litre off up to a maximum of 100 litres of gas. So we filled up with 76 litres at $1.165 a litre. Kind of made me feel better about being ripped off for the food prices.

We had planned on taking the ferry from Dalhousie to the Gaspe. I was trying to figure out online what the prices were, but couldn’t get any info. Both Google maps and our GPS unit showed a ferry crossing there, but I found one site that said the service was discontinued in 1999. Turns out that was the case, and we so we drove on to Campbellton which is right at the border. There’s a bridge crossing here, and we’ll take that tomorrow morning.

The bridge at Campbellton

We’ve decided that Campbellton is a really nice place. You’d think you’re in Quebec already because it’s very French. The scenery is very nice, lots of hilly coastline. In fact, I think it’s the nicest looking town I’ve seen in New Brunswick. And, they have a wharf that they’ve made into a nice park/walkway with a huge parking area facing the water where RV’s are allowed to overnight for free. They even have a dump station for RV’s. There are about 8 other’s parked here for the night along with us.

Fishing statue at Campbellton

Bridge to Quebec at Campbellton NB

Parked up for the night at Campbellton wharf

Parked up for the night at Campbellton wharf

So tomorrow we start around the Gaspe Peninsula.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…294

August Fuel $ 341.92

August Grocery $ 285.14

August Overnight Costs $ 0

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