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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Geiranger, Norway!

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Last day at Cavendish

Saturday August 9…10:00pm

Well, another rainy morning. The past week has certainly NOT been early August type of weather. Rain of some kind just about every day, and highs around 20C (68F). That global warming theory is certainly not happening around here!

Lindsey and Ruth at Anne of Green Gables house

Lindsey by the shore

Our work at the campground is just about over, and we will leave here tomorrow morning around 10am. I was actually finished work last Wednesday, but then I volunteered to do some painting of the barricades in the parking lot, just for something to do. And then the regular tractor driver for the wagon ride asked me if I could take his shift on Friday, so I ended up doing that as well. Ruth still had to do the petting farm Thursday for 2 hours, and she does the helper for the wagon ride tonight as well.

We took advantage of a sunny break in the weather yesterday afternoon and we dismantled and folded up the screen room that attaches to our awning. If it clears up enough this afternoon, we'll get everything else put away and ready to go just in case it's raining again tomorrow morning when we want to leave.

Sherman, parked up at the Cavendish KOA

Looking down the main road of the campground

The KOA Kamp Kabins

This is where the big motorhomes park

Geoff, Ruth, Kevin, Fran, Whiskey, and Molson

The KOA petting farm

Our plan is to take the next 10 days to drive back to Ottawa. We'll do about 200 km's every day, but won't really have a set schedule. We're going to go around the Gaspe Peninsula because neither of us have been that route, and we plan on doing the whole thing boondocking, (not using any paid campgrounds) as we have had enough of campgrounds for a while.

So check in here regularly for the next couple of weeks as we hope to be updating the journal every day.

Oh, July was a pretty cheap month. We spent a total of $934. Not our cheapest month yet though…January was $898. To give you perspective, our average monthly expenses are now $1,574. Even though we didn’t spend any money on fuel during the month of July, PEI is an expensive place for both groceries and booze. Also, we spent a fair bit on “entertainment” having gone out to the lobster supper place for dinner. When we set out, we were hoping to be able to average $1,200, but fuel expense has cut into that a bit, as has our “miscellaneous” column, which we’ll explain in October. We’ll give a full year update on our living expenses then.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…292

August Fuel $ 0

August Grocery $ 155.50

August Overnight Costs $ 0

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