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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Matane, Quebec

Thursday August 14…11:00pm

Had a bit of a difficult time finding internet this morning. Stopped in several villages along the way to the town of Ste Anne des Monts, and couldn’t find any connection. But in the town, they had a visitor
centre as well as a biblioteque (library) so had no problem getting online there. While I spent some time on the internet, Ruth took Whiskey for a long wak around town. Today was pretty much sunny with cloudy breaks, with a few sprinkles of rain. And it was fairly windy, but fortunately it was a good strong tailwind, so that helps with the fuel economy.

The scenery has been much nicer along this leg of the journey, although not really worth stopping to take any pictures. Although we did stop for lunch at one of the many roadside picnic areas and went for a walk along the rocky beach.

We made it as far as the small sity of Matane. They have a shopping mall here and a Canadian Tire store, and we noticed some RV’s parked up on a rock section behind the shopping centre parking lot and next to the marina. We decided to join them there. By the time we went to sleep, there were about 9 others parked here for the night.

Parked up for the night in Matane, Quebec

Another fake ship memorial, this one in Matane

In keeping with our 200 km a day driving, we should make it to Riviere du Loup tomorrow, and Quebec City the day after. Hopefully it will be a nice day on Sunday to go into Quebec City and explore the area.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV…297

August Fuel $ 341.92

August Grocery $ 294.05

August Overnight Costs $ 0

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