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Monday, February 25, 2008

New Iberia, Louisiana

Monday February 25...9:45pm

Left the casino at around 8am and went and bought some gas. $3.059 a gallon, so it's still not bad around here. I figure that's equal to about 81 cents per litre. A little more expensive than Mexico, but a whole lot cheaper than
being taxed to death in Canada. Speaking of taxes...I just bought a 1.75L jug of "Imported from Canada" Whiskey. It cost us $12.24! This same item would cost at least $35 in Canada.

Had a bit of a drive to do today, and we wanted to do a part of it on a "scenic" highway. This added about an hour to our driving time. It was kind of interesting though....why some of these people live here, I have no idea. Along that coastal waterway drive we did today, you could see where hurricane damage had wiped out several homes over the years and all that was left was a concrete pad...but the lot now had an RV of some sort on it, and that was now their home. We saw this quite a few times. Likely people who had no insurance, but still had to pay for their home which didn't exist anymore. I expect there are thousands of these cases across the coast of Louisiana.

We also saw quite a few alligators. That's actually not that amazing, it's just strange to see a pond with alligators in it from the side of the road.

Our destination today was the Tobasco Pepper Sauce Co. Yes, that little bottle of hot sauce that every one of you has in your cupboard was produced here at Avery Island, Louisiana. So we did their free tour, and collected a couple of little sample bottles. Also tried their Sweet and Spicy Ice Cream, and their Jalepeno Ice Cream. Amazing what you can do with hot peppers! Interesting tour though....this is the only place in the world where the stuff is made, and it's shipped worldwide with labels in 19 different languages. The factory can produce 400,000 bottles per 8 hour shift.

The Tobasco Pepper Sauce Co.

Then we drove to New Iberia, Louisiana. Parked up at the Walmart supercenter here, along with just one other motorhomer who happens to have Quebec licence plates.

Hoping to go on an airboat swamp tour tomorrow...sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks Mom!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 130

February Fuel $ 524.00

February Grocery $ 256.83

February Overnight Costs $ 37.00

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