View from the cable car in Da Lat, Vietnam.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Da Lat, Vietnam.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Flying to Vinh, Vietnam on February 24th.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beeville, Texas

Tuesday February 19…10:00pm

Although we both slept well last night, we both woke up early this morning. There was quite a bit of truck traffic around the Walmart we were parked at in Laredo, Texas but most of it was other truckers who were sleeping. Not
very noisy at all, and when we started our engine at about 6:15am, we were pretty much the first ones. We drove about 10 minutes to find a comfortable spot for internet and then waited for morning rush hour to start and finish.

We then headed for Choke Canyon State Park. The Texas State Parks are a little frustrating for us because we’re too cheap to pay what they want. Most of them have a day access fee that you have to pay per person, and then if you want to camp it’s extra on top of that. And yet we’d really like to be using them more. This particular park wanted $3 ea just to get in. That allowed you use of the trails and facilities. We pushed our luck and parked in the day use area and rode our bikes over to the camping area to use their showers. Then when we left, we used the dump station for Sherman as well. They had wanted another $16 for us to camp there for the night.So that would have been $22, which is way too much. Oh well…at least we got lots of use out of the $6 we paid for the day use. We did go for a nice long walk there as well as a bike ride.

The Texas alligator?

An ibis, I believe?

Nice flowers

On the drive today, we saw some real Texas long horn cattle. Had to pull over and take a picture. Man, they had some big horns! And, in the park, we saw an armadillo up close…these are a strange looking animal.

Everything's bigger in Texas!

Such a weird animal...!

And then we drove another hour or so to Beeville, Texas. A fair sized city actually, and it has a Walmart Super Center. So we’re parked up for another free night at Wally World.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 125…

February Fuel $ 300.00

February Grocery $ 179.93

February Overnight Costs $ 25.00

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