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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Garcia Caverns

Sunday February 17…8:30pm

Up around 7am this morning and got Sherman ready for the road again. Used the electricity to do a quick vaccuum, and emptied the holding tanks and filled the fresh water. We’re happy campers again.

Uneventful drive of about an hour and a quarter took us the the entrance of the Garcia Caverns (Grutas el Garcia). Actually, not totally uneventful. We’ve driven on some bumpy roads during our time in Mexico. This one wasn’t even that bad. But we heard something fall when we were close to the destination. When we went to check, the rear TV had fallen off it’s shelf and lay wedged between the wall and the bed. The TV itself wasn’t damaged at all, but it put a little 2 inch tear in the blind, and pulled the cable wiring plate off the wall. Not a disaster at all, but still very strange why the TV would fall now when it hasn’t fallen at all before this. Oh well.

The cavern entrance is set high up on the side of a mountain. There are two ways to get there…either hike up a steep path for about an hour, or take a gondola thing up like the type ski places use. The gondola is fairly new…they used to have a rail car type of thing but the only thing left of that is the track so it’s tough to imagine what type of vehicle you had to use that was on the track. Anyhow, we had Whiskey with us, so decided to take her for a quick walk and then take the gondola up to the top. That way, we could walk down the path to the bottom afterwards and not worry about Whiskey getting too warm by herself in the motorhome.

The cave up the side of the mountain

Caves are so interesting. They figure these ones are about 50 million years old, and the sea life fossils inside are proof that this cave used to be under the ocean. The cave was discovered sometime in the mid 1800’s, so a lot of it hasn’t been maintained very well over the years. There are sections where concrete steps had been built inside the caves, and now they’ve built steel stairways inside, but left most of the older steps behind. They just haven’t been left very “original”. But still, the fact that there are these huge hallways inside the side of this mountain is amazing.

View from the cave entrance. You can see our motorhome if you look really hard

Gondala that brings you up to the entrance

Inside of the Grutas del Garica (Garica Caverns)

Inside of the Grutas del Garica (Garica Caverns)

Had an enjoyable day, and now we’re parked up in the caverns parking lot for the night. Will get up early tomorrow and head for the border.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 124…

February Fuel $ 250.00

February Grocery $ 111.62

February Overnight Costs $ 25.00

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