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Friday, February 22, 2008

Bryan Beach, Texas

Friday February 22…9:30pm

Woke up to a cloudy windy morning. Used the free internet from the RV park across the road and contacted the Formosa Plastics Co. They have a huge plant across the causeway in the town of Point Comfort. We had read that they do free factory tours, so decided this was something to do. Made our appointment for 1:30pm.

Stopped along the way back at Port Lavaca and used a laudramat.

Made it to Point Comfort early, so stopped at a park and had some lunch and took Whiskey for a walk. The sky has cleared up now, and it’s nice outside.

Formosa Plastics is a HUGE plant. It takes up 1,400 acres of land, and they have another 1,200 acres they can expand on if and when they’re ready. They employ 1,800 people locally. They make the raw materials plastics that are then purchased by other manufacturers to make anything from soap dishes to kids toys to plastic fence posts. The company is still privately held by a Tiawanese billionaire who recently semi-retired at the age of 91. They did sales last year of $60B worldwide. The last time they expanded the plant here, it cost $1.2B, and employed 5,000 construction workers for over a year. Interesting stuff, and we are going to try and do more of these free factory tours during our time in the U.S.

Parked at the Formosa Plastic factory

After the tour, we drove on towards Galveston. We made it as far as the town of Freeport, and are parked for free on Bryan Beach. No other motorhomes here, but we’ve been told it’s okay to park here. This is right on the beach though…no sea wall or anything, so hopefully the tide doesn’t come up too high in the early morning! We’re about 50 miles southwest of Galveston, so will make it there tomorrow.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV… 128…

February Fuel $ 399.00

February Grocery $ 179.93

February Overnight Costs $ 37.00

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