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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Preston, Lancashire, England.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Third day at Bayou Segnette Park

Thursday February 28...10:25pm

Well Kevin's morning didn't start off the way he had planned. He got up at 4am, had his coffee and a quick bowl of cereal and was ready and waiting for the taxi to arrive, which he had booked in advance yesterday, making sure
that they knew the back way in and had the combination for the lock on the back gate. They were to come at 4:30am, but just before that Kevin got the phone call saying the gate was locked and couldn't get in. He again explained that they were given the code and he was told they knew how to approach the park after hours. After 10 minutes and still no taxi, Kevin called again, driver has no clue, so Kevin said to wait at the front gate and he would be there in 10 minutes, as that is how long it would take to walk/run to the front gate from our site. His plane leaves the airport at 6am so he is not impressed. I have had no word from him yet to find out how things went.

My day was pretty quiet. I finally got back to sleep after Kevin left, but it took a while, I got up about 7:30am and there was frost on the ground, but very sunny and not as windy as yesterday. Took it easy first thing, then took Whiskey for a walk while a load of laundry was on the go. They have brand new washers and dryers here and they are included in the price of the site that we paid. They are really nice, but you need to be rocket scientist to figure them out, which I did after a few minutes. Spent most of the day cleaning Sherman. Washed the curtains and scrubbed the blinds, they really needed it, never had a chance to do them before we left on our adventure and then with all the wind and sand blowing around in Mexico, just made them worse. They look much better now.

Took Whiskey for another walk late in the afternoon. The campground is starting to fill up a little more. Talked to two couples from Windsor, Ontario that are travelling around together. There seem to be quite a few from Quebec as well, I wonder if that is because there is a fair bit of french in this area? Yesterday we didn't spend much time in the park, but having spent the whole day here today, it isn't as quiet as we thought. Nights are great, but there is alot of construction noise going on at the further end of the camping area. Lots of dump trucks moving around, glad that I am down this end, it isn't as loud. I am not sure if they are making the grounds larger for camping, or it looks like they might be working on a levee, there is also a pumping station in that area as well. I think I will look on the weekend when they aren't working, as you aren't suppose to go through to that area, but they may just mean vehicles aren't to go through.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 133

February Fuel $ 524.00

February Grocery $ 256.83

February Overnight Costs $ 73.00

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