Rideau River near Manotick (Ottawa), Canada.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tecolote Beach (day 4)

Monday January 14...10:15pm

A bit of a cloudy day today, so Ruth and I went for a bike ride up along the coast. We were trying to get to the next major beach called El Coyote, but we don't think we made it quite that far. The road going out there kind of turned
into a sand dirt track suitable for a four wheel drive only...if that! Wasn't very good for biking either, but we still managed to do 8 km's round trip. Did see some nice scenery though.

Ruth biking near the sand dunes

Looking back at Tecolote Beach

For lunch we went over to Glen and Steve's. She had made fish and chips with a Greek salad. Very good. And then after lunch we took Whiskey on a long hike along the other coast. She sure does like walking on a soft sand beach. Gone about 2 hours for that, so we got lots of exercise today.

Tecolote Beach (if you look real hard you can see Sherman parked)

A nearby beach we hiked to

Neat rock formations

The famous mushroom rock of La Paz

Tomorrow, we're going to park near a hotel on the way into La Paz and use the internet for an hour or so. Get this journal updated and maybe include some pictures for a change. Then, we're off to Todos Santos on the west coast of the Baja. Finally hoping to see the big Pacific waves that the surfers like so much in Baja. Apparently there's a hotel near Todos Santos that is famous because it was the spot written about in The Eagles song Hotel California. So have to get up early, use the dump station, and get on the road by 7:30am or so. Then off to the internet, then maybe pick up some fuel and propane, then on to Todos Santos. It's only about a 2 hour drive, but we like to try and get on the road early in case there are any problems.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 91...

January Fuel $ 50

January Grocery $173.70

January Overnight Costs $0

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