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Monday, January 28, 2008

Los Barriles

Monday January, 28...9:00pm

Up fairly early this morning...around 7am because we are trying to get on the road fairly early. Still had to flush and drain the tanks and fill the fresh water. Got on the road around 9:30am. The only thing we needed to get was drinking water.

We figured it was around a 2 hour drive to Los Barriles. The road was paved, but even more narrow than the main highway was coming down from Tijuana. In fact, Steve was clipped by a driver coming the other way, and the glass in the drivers side mirror was broken. The other guy just kept on driving. Steve's motorhome is about 6 inches wider than ours, but because of the design, their mirrors stick out probably 8 inches more than ours do. Anyhow, it's never boring!

We pulled into a small town to see about getting some drinking water. Most of the smaller towns have their own purification store where the locals buy their drinking water very cheap, but we haven't been able to find one today. But at the store in this one town was a drinking water truck who was delivering big jugs to the store. We asked him if we could buy some water from him, and he agreed to open a few jugs and transfer it to our containers. This all happened in very broken Spanish because the truck driver spoke no English at all. It's kind of funny trying to communicate with the locals, although we do notice that we do speak a lot more basic Spanish than we did 6 weeks ago!

Los Barriles is a nice town. The town is mostly populated by wintering northerners, but the beach here is also famous for it's kite boarders. This is where someone hangs onto a big kite and straps a snowboard type of thing to their feet and then gets pulled across the waves by his kite. After we got ourselves set up near the beach, Ruth and I walked into town along the beach. Only been here a few hours, but we think we like it. Also, we're camped near another 2 couples who we spent some time with at Los Cerittos before we arrived in Cabo. And, when I was checking for internet access, I saw the signal from another couple we spent New Years Eve we're assuming they're staying in the nearby RV park. We'll go search for them tomorrow.

Played 6 handed canasta before having a late supper. Seems very quiet where we are, so that's a pleasant change from the last 4 nights at the RV park which was located right beside a major road.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 104...

January Fuel $120.00

January Grocery $415.12

January Overnight Costs $102.00

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