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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cabo San Lucas area

Saturday January 26...10:15pm

Malcolm and Claire would like to go whale watching with Ruth and I, so we made arrangements to head to the wharf area of Cabo San Lucas early to see what we could book for tomorrow.

We had already checked the flyers of a couple of the tours and they wanted between $45 and $59 US depending on what boat you took and what kind of food and drink were included. As we started walking around the dock area, a guy asked if we were interested in any local boat tours for snorkelling or whatever. We ended up making a deal with him on a smaller private boat that the locals use for $25 a person (and Whiskey gets to come too!) So we're meeting the boat with it's Captain Fernando, tomorrow morning at 9am. It should be a lot of fun, and because the price is right, all 6 of us are going to go. It's going to be a 3 hour tour (...a 3 hour tour...), with a glass bottom boat, so we're really looking forward to that tomorrow. (Thanks Mom!).

After we booked the whale watching tour, we already had plans to head up the eastern coast of the Baja from Cabo towards Los Barillos. Because our little rental car only had 5 seats, Steve was quite happy to stay behind to watch his Liverpool football match on the TV in the office of the RV park. We plan on staying near Los Barillos for free camping, but the route we did today was the coast road. We had heard that this was a really scenic trip, but because the coast road is not suited for motorhomes, we had the rental car to use. This turned out to be okay, but it was a really rough road, and not very enjoyable to drive. The scenery was fine, but nothing special. Still, we're glad we did it even though it was a very bumpy road.

View looking towards San Jose del Cabo

Our lunch spot along the east cape road. Very windy, so this old shack gave us a break.

Got back late and Glen made a very nice beef stir fry for supper. Afterwards, we contacted Lindsey via "Skype" and had a nice video conversation with her for over a half hour. This type of technology is great when it's working correctly as it was tonight. Perfect video communication through the internet. Totally amazing. However we have used it in the past when it's not a good connection, and it's just frustrating.

Looking forward to our whale watching trip tomorrow!

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 102...

January Fuel $120.00

January Grocery $400.71

January Overnight Costs $76.50

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