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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cabo San Lucas

Thursday January 24...10:30pm

On the road this monring at about 8am. Did the 45 minute drive to Cabo San Lucas and found the Vagabundo's RV park just on the other side of town.

It's located right by the main road, so the traffic is a bit noisy, and it's kind of expensive...$25.50 per night, taxes included. But, it gives us the opportunity to recharge batteries, do laundry, have decent showers, and generally get things cleaned up from 9 days of camping without services. And, Walmart is right across the street so it's easy to get stocked up on things.

And so we walked over to Walmart just to get an idea of what's available there. It's different than in Canada or the US...not as much supply of things in the whole store, except the grocery department is really good. They have a full fruit and vegetable section, as well as a full meat department with butcher and all. And stuff is cheap...we bought 2 rib eye steaks for dinner and they cost $1.50 each! They were really good on the BBQ, so we'll be stocking up on them before we leave here.

We're going to rent a car for a few days tomorrow. I got a deal for $19.00 US a day. That will enable us to see the town while leaving our RV's parked. Also, Glen and Steve's friends are coming in tomorrow afternoon so will be easier to pick them up at the airport.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 101...

January Fuel $120.00

January Grocery $277.35

January Overnight Costs $25.50

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