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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Los Cerritos Beach (day 8)

Tuesday January 22...10:30pm

Went for a nice walk this morning along the dirt paths in between where we are parked and the main highway. We had planned on going for a bike ride along these same paths to the nearby village this afternoon, but when we were ready to do so, I found that both tires on Ruth's bike were flat!

On closer inspection, there was a little thorn that she had picked up stuck in each tire. Coincidentally, a guy parked nearby happened to be working on his bike and so I went over and spoke to him and he had the same problem. So I dismantled both wheels and borrowed his patch kit. Problem is the stuff takes 24 hours to dry so that effectively cancelled our bike ride for the day. These little thorns are the same type that bother Whiskey's feet so much. Another neighbour came over to see what I was doing and offered to coat our bike tire inner tubes with "Slime" which is a product specifically designed to reseal the tube in the event of a minor puncture. Turns out my bike tires are already pretreated so perhaps that's why mine haven't gone flat yet.

Ruth spent the afternoon reading and sorting out some of the cabinets in the motorhome. Afterwards, we watched one of the best sunsets I've ever seen, and then had a few games of cards with Glen and Steve.

Ruth looking at the sunset

Our free parking spot for the week

A beautiful sunset

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 99...

January Fuel $120.00

January Grocery $232.40

January Overnight Costs $0

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