Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Near Groningen, Netherlands.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Just wandering the Netherlands.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Still at Juncalito

Sunday January 6...9:50pm

Yet another nice day. About 25 and sunny.

Ruth and I are at the point of running our generator for an hour in the morning to recharge the laptop and the house batteries. Glen and Steve have a solar panel that does a good job of keeping their one house battery
charged up. But because Ruth and I have no solar panel, our two house batteries will go about 3 days before starting to get low. And because they were never fully charged from the last spot we were at, we're constantly keeping an eye on the battery levels. Because we are rarely hooked up to electricity, we really should have a solar panel. If we could hook up to electricity at least once a week, that would be enough to keep us charged up in between. Driving will also keep a good charge on the batteries, but it requires a drive of at least 3 hours to make them close to fully charged. Anyhow, when we get a chance, we'll invest in a solar panel.

Ruth buying produce off the fruit and veggie truck that comes by

The only thing I'm starting to miss is regular internet access. When we first arrived here, I was able to pick up a signal from across the bay right away. But since being here, I've learned that that particular signal is only on for a few minutes a day, and have been lucky to catch it on for more than half an hour at the most. This morning was for 9 minutes...barely enough time to download our emails. There are a couple of regulars here that have satellite internet, but for whatever reason, they are not willing to share it even when offered money.

We've pretty much decided to move on from here on Tuesday. This has been a really nice spot, but we're running low on supplies, and there are people near Ciudad Constitution who have offered us a place to park for a night or two. They live there and will be familiar with the area, so hopefully will be able to give us some guidance about things to do and see.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 85...

January Fuel $ 0

January Grocery $ 40.82

January Overnight Costs $0

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