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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Still at Phillip and Patricia's

Thursday January 10...10:15pm

Walked around the little village this morning. Glen had some educational math games she wanted to donated to the village school, so we stopped in there. Phillip introduced us to the teacher. He teaches about 24 children
from the ages of 6-12. Everything in the school seemed so basic, except they had a laptop and a big screen setup, as well as a satellite dish. This was apparently made available to every community school by the government about 2 years ago. While we were there, the kids were on recess or lunch break or something, and we had Whiskey with us so they were having fun watching us make Whiskey do some tricks for them. Then we walked around the rest of the village and were introduced to some of the local families. Tough to have any kind of conversation with them, but at least Phillip was able to tell them who were were and where we were from.

Phillip drove us into Puerto San Carlos today. This is the little town on the Bahia De Magdelena where many people come for whale watching. But we are about two weeks too early for that. From what the locals are saying, the whales show up around the 3rd week of January and stay until the middle of March. We're a bit disappointed that we'll miss this because we've seen pictures from other people who have been there and the whales come right up to your boat. It looks really fascinating, but I guess we'll just have to try some other time. Other than the whale watching, there's not much else to see in this town. The beach here is covered with a slimey green seaweed, and there's a big deisel powered electric plant nearby that spews out pollution. Not the nicest scenery.

A boat full of pelicans

Not a very nice looking beach

A couple of osprey and their nest

While we were gone to Puerto San Carlos, Patricia had stayed behind and made supper for all of us. Really good chicken casserole type of thing that tasted a lot like stuffing. Our son Alex would have loved it, because stuffing is one of his favorites. Afterwards, we looked at pictures that Glen and Steve had taken from their trips to Africa and New Zealand.

Tomorrow we hope to make it to Tecolote Beach which is just past La Paz.

Total Nights Sleeping in the RV... 88...

January Fuel $ 0

January Grocery $146.55

January Overnight Costs $0

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